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Natterhub, founded in 2017, is an educational social media platform with interactive lessons. It aims to teach kids to navigate the web...

Natterhub, founded in 2017, is an educational social media platform with interactive lessons. It aims to teach kids to navigate the web responsibly. The platform covers topics from safe passwords to respectful online engagement. Natterhub’s goal is to prepare children for independent digital interaction. However, They recently launched the “Cybersmart in Seven Minutes” curriculum, designed to seamlessly integrate digital awareness into everyday classes, fostering a positive digital culture in schools.

Natterhub – Cybersmart Kids Hub mission 

Cybersmart was made for schools, making it easy to weave meaningful digital conversations into weekly schedules, fostering a positive digital culture. Moreover, Natterhub got a significant boost by pitching successfully to Twinkl, the largest education publisher and their lead investor. They’re the first to join Twinkl’s edtech accelerator. Microsoft has approached Natterhub to integrate with Teams for Education, and they’re also partnering with PwC. These collaborations highlight Natterhub’s disruptive impact on education.

Natterhub is looking to be acquired soon, having drawn interest. With Natterhub, the next-gen of digital citizens is set to enter the web responsibly, creating a more inclusive and safe virtual environment. Moreover, It’s an exciting brand to watch, and we hope for a secure future.


Effective for independent learning

Natterhub Home lessons, led by animated teachers, guide children through online safety with engaging interactive elements. Each 10-20 minute lesson immerses the child in learning, giving parents more time for other tasks. Natterhub Home offers a personalized program for kids, including stars, badges, and certificates. However, Parents can follow progress through a visual dashboard, manage rewards, and review lessons. It’s set up for independent learning, allowing animated teachers to guide children, freeing up time for parents.

Parents understand the allure of screens for children, but it’s crucial to ensure their safety online before they have their mobile phones. Natterhub Home, an interactive online safety program, has been created to prepare children to be safe, savvy, and kind online. Recognizing the vulnerability of children to online harm when using screens, Natterhub Home serves as a preventive education tool, empowering children to navigate the online world responsibly.


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