Infogrid – Transforming Businesses with AI

Imagine effortlessly enhancing indoor conditions through AI-controlled automation, minus the stress of external contractors. Infogrid makes it happen its mission is to ensure every building is healthy, efficient, and sustainable.

This isn’t just about avoiding complaints about the air conditioner; it’s about improving the environment for the people working there. According to Infogrid’s hybrid workspace report, 48% of employees believe workplace health directly influences productivity.

Infogrid is Elevating Environments

Infogrid aims to make building management effortless by employing intelligent control and AI assistance. Ensuring workplaces run smoothly, teams stay comfortable and productive, and energy efficiency takes center stage crucial in a time of soaring business bills.

What sets Infogrid apart is its unique approach to addressing a real problem in the commercial property industry. According to their data, a mere 5% of commercial buildings can be considered competent despite the built environment contributing to 39% of global carbon emissions.

Utilizing AI technologies, Infogrid streamlines building performance analysis, automating processes and simplifying building management and maintenance.


Pioneering Solutions in Commercial Property

In 2020, Infogrid secured a substantial £11.5 million investment, a testament to its promising trajectory. The recognition doesn’t stop there; the company has clinched numerous awards. It includes the Corporate Vision Technology Innovator Awards.

Looking ahead, Infogrid harbors significant aspirations. Their North Star performance indicators prioritize preventing carbon emissions and fostering a healthier workplace. The company’s commitment to driving technological innovation and positive environmental and workplace impact.

Infogrid’s Perspective toward their work

Buildings play a more significant role in our lives and on the planet than we might think. People spend 90% of their time indoors, where studies indicate pollutants are two to five times more concentrated than outdoors. On a global scale, buildings have emerged as the leading contributors to carbon emissions, comprising 39% of the world’s total.

The world requires improved buildings. Let’s ensure each one aligns with the future they want to live in.


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