New blocks, Typography Management Tools, and the Twenty Twenty-Four default theme are all on the Roadmap of WordPress 6.4.

New blocks, Typography Management Tools, and the Twenty Twenty-Four default theme are all on the Roadmap of WordPress 6.4.

WordPress 6.4 development has begun with a post by Editor Triage Co-Lead Anne McCarthy. Outlining all of the plans the team has for the release. This third big release of 2023 is special in that a release squad with a low female representation is in charge of it.

WordPress is entering Phase 3 of the Gutenberg project. Which is centered on collaboration, but 6.4 will mostly focus on extending current capabilities in the block and site editors.

According to McCarthy, “Phase 3 initial explorations will continue in the Gutenberg plugin. And any early successes will add alongside the foundational work already scheduled in this major release.”

A Font Library, server-side @font-face CSS creation, and printing are expected to be included in WordPress 6.4’s typography management tools. In the admin, users will therefore be able to explore a library of fonts in a manner akin to how they handle media. It will be a library that plugin authors can extend, thus it won’t be reliant on the active theme.

The following new features are also anticipated for 6.4:

  • Updates to templates and template components
  • Time to Read, Table of Contents, and Scrolling are new blocks. Individual picture blocks with marquee Lightbox functionality
  • automatic block insert
  • Block-style post formats
  • Enhancements to the authoring process and link management UI
  • Interface and tool updates include a top toolbar, distraction-free mode, a command palette, list views, and more.
  • Site Editing, Global Styles, and design tools have to be improved and refined.
  • Updates to Patterns include the option to select categories, an improved inserter, and an investigation into the possibility of including partially synced patterns.
  • Enhancements to administration and customization of navigation
  • Footnote design tools should be expanded, and Custom Post Types should be compatible.


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