Payabli: Payment Infrastructure for Software Companies 

Payabli: Payments Infrastructure for Software Companies 

Payabli creates an infrastructure software companies use to make payments as a core part of their business model through APIs. 

A typical range of ‘Pay-In’ payment acceptance tools are provided to the company’s clients such as requesting invoices and making regular or scheduled payments. ‘Pay-Out’ tools such as real checks, bank integrations and virtual credit cards are offered to the companies. It lets companies drive revenue, enhance customer lifetime value, and boost enterprise value. 

Payabli’s partners can provide excellent payment offerings that are ‘fully integrated and seamless to their product experience’. This makes it easy for merchants to receive payments from customers. 

Joseph Elias Phillips and William Corbera co-founded the startup company in September 2020.  

Corbera has said in a statement to TechCrunch, “Payabli builds payment acceptance and issuance solutions and payment operations tools,” He continues “We make software companies payments companies by giving them payment facilitating capabilities without the heavy lift, administrative burden and exorbitant costs of becoming a payment facilitator.”

Payabli: Current Funding Amount 

Payabli is based in Miami, Florida, United States and has amassed $20 million in a Series A funding round led by investors such as TTV Capital, Fika Ventures and Bling Capital. This has raised Payabli’s total to $32 million. 

Corbera has reported that Payabli now has 60 customers. Revenue has also increased three times over the past year to 7 figures. 


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