ChatGPT for macOS: The AI Chatbot’s Integration into Apple’s OS

ChatGPT for macOS: The AI Chatbot’s Integration into Apple’s OS

ChatGPT is available on macOS, Open AI has announced. Apple announced ChatGPT’s upcoming arrival on macOS at their WWDC 2024 conference in June. Both tech companies have announced integrations between OpenAI’s AI chatbot and Apple’s operating systems for all Apple devices.

ChatGPT was initially only available to Mac users with a Plus subscription, but the chatbot is now available to all users. 

ChatGPT for macOS: More on this integration

ChatGPT is OpenAI’s artificial intelligence chatbot through which users can use the app to have conversations in a dialogue format. Users can ask questions and ask the chatbot to generate images as well. 

Users can access the ChatGPT app on their Mac devices by pressing the Option + Space shortcut. OpenAI has also stated that users can use the chatbot for emails, screenshots and ‘anything on your screen’. The AI app lets users take screenshots and discuss the content with the chatbot. 

Users can also upload pictures and start ‘conversations with ChatGPT with photos’ from their computer. They can also upload files through ChatGPT and talk to the chatbot starting with Voice Mode. ChatGPT also enables users to view previous conversations.

During the WWDC, both tech companies announced a larger deal which provides Apple users access through iOS devices. GPT-4o will power the tech giants’ integration. 

OpenAI has stated, “ChatGPT will also be available in Apple’s system-wide Writing Tools, which help users generate content for anything they are writing about.” 


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