Ray-Ban Smart Glasses by Meta Set to Receive Smart Upgrades

Meta is currently testing enhanced AI capabilities on its Ray-Ban Smart Glasses, which are available to select opt-in users. Initially recognized for their lightweight design and wearable camera functionality, the glasses can reply to voice instructions for photo and video capture. In addition, beta users in the US can experience ChatGPT conversations. The glasses, equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon AR1 Gen 1 chip, promise more advanced AI capabilities beyond voice commands.

Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Choose to participate in Meta’s multi-modal AI Competition

Andrew ‘Boz’Bosworth, Meta CTO, has unveiled the beta testing of Meta AI’s image recognition features for Ray-Ban Smart Glasses in the United States. Owners can now sign up for the beta test through the Meta View app’s settings cog by selecting “Swipe and tap for Early Access.” Boz mentioned that it would involve a small group of participants. Although the control may not be universally available yet Boz anticipates making this AI feature accessible to everyone in the upcoming year.

Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

See and ask whatever you want from Meta AI

Ray-Ban smart glasses boast a range of capabilities, from chatting and answering questions to assisting with unit and math conversions and even crafting poems and songs. Though responses are concise, they prove helpful. Initially operating through voice commands, the new multi-modal feature, Look or See and Ask. It introduces the ability to accept images or text. Boz showcased this by asking the glasses to describe a piece of California-shaped art, and the Meta AI accurately provided the description.

Boz shared additional use cases for Meta AI:

  • Visual translation of text.
  • Generate captions for social media images.
  • Pose continuous questions about the topic or image within a specific timeframe.

Meta is keeping exploring AI capabilities

Meta is emerging as an AI frontrunner, providing robust open-source tech for developers and researchers. Recently, the introduction of AI chatbots in FB Messenger showcased the potential for consumer access to Meta AI.

Generative AI has found its way into Meta’s VR headsets, featuring the SAM model demonstrated on the Quest Pro or Quest 3 earlier this year.


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