Apple TV – Apple Vision Pro Showcases First 3D Movies

Apple has unveiled the inaugural lineup of 3D movies available for Vision Pro on the Apple TV app. Initially showcased during the Vision Pro launch at this year’s WWDC. The VR/AR headset introduces a virtual movie screen to showcase immersive 3D movies and documentaries. These first 3D movie titles have now debuted in the Apple TV app.

Apple TV

Vision Pro’s 3D Movie Support: Now Available on Apple TV

FlatpanelsHD reports that the latest tvOS 17.2 version of the Apple TV app now supports 3D movies, featuring a 3D logo reminiscent of the Apple Vision Pro design. However, details regarding the resolution and refresh rate of these 3D movies remain undisclosed. Notably, films such as “Avatar: The Way of the Water,” showcased during the Vision Pro launch, and its predecessors are yet to be available, while blockbuster titles like “Jurassic World: Dominion” are present. Apple originals, including the anticipated 3D series “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters,” are currently missing from the lineup.

The Apple Vision Pro is set to debut exclusively in the United States in early 2024, with an estimated price tag of approximately $3,500. The headset will gradually become available in other countries after the U.S. launch.

Reviving a Vintage Concept.

It’ll be intriguing to witness the potential outcomes of this support. As noted by FlatpanelsHD, Apple’s backing for 3D movies might inadvertently breathe new life into the format, potentially sparking a resurgence of 3D TVs. Although seemingly obsolete, a few companies like Magnetic3D remain keen on revitalizing the old concept. The key now is the content, with the rumored Godzilla series, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, potentially leading the revival. And before you go, remember to explore TechRadar’s latest compilation of the best VR headset deals for November 2023.

Like our eyes perceive the world with a slight difference, known as parallax, Apple aims to replicate this effect in its technology. The absence of parallax in rendered elements within a 3D video can lead to discomfort during viewing, a challenge the tech giant is diligently addressing. This emphasis on capturing the nuanced details of parallax enhances the immersive quality of the viewing experience.


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