Recent Improvements & Incredible Metrics Help Bing AI Celebrating 6 Months

Learn about Bing AI’s new features and usage trends, such as multimodal visual search, expanded browser compatibility, and business chat. Over one billion Bing AI talks and 750 million photos have been generated in the six months after Bing and Edge were reinvented, according to Microsoft.                              

Edge has also experienced growth for nine straight quarters, demonstrating its ability to provide consumers all over the world with high-quality AI experiences.

Chat history and AI-Generated Images

Users can generate images from textual descriptions thanks to Microsoft’s innovative Bing Image Creator service, which uses DALL-E models from OpenAI. This innovative combination of verbal and visual AI-generated content has already inspired a wide range of creative application cases.

Bing’s Chat functionality has undergone additional enhancements. In the “Recent Activity” area, Bing can now recall previous encounters. The chat history feature improves the platform’s usefulness by allowing users to review previous chats.

Features for AI-Powered Search

The AI-powered capabilities of Bing are now also available to smartphone users thanks to Microsoft. Additionally, Windows Copilot’s integration of AI into PCs allows for centralized AI experiences for users.

By reducing the need for several programs, Windows Copilot and Bing Chat are designed to streamline workflows. SwiftKey, known for its AI-powered predictive text engine, is also integrated with Bing into its iOS and Android services. Today, users can use AI to produce words, receive AI translations, and change the email’s tone.

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