Report: AI-Generated Music Discussions Between Google And Universal Music

Report: AI-Generated Music Discussions Between Google And Universal Music

Maybe Google and Universal Music are developing AI-generated music. Investigate the tools that major tech companies are releasing to advance AI audio.

The licensing of singers’ voices and melodies for songs produced by artificial intelligence (AI). It may be the subject of discussions between Google and Universal Music (and other music labels).

This finding, which was first covered by the Financial Times. That occurs as the music industry encounters fresh prospects and obstacles for selling AI-generated Deepfake tunes.

AI-Generated Music Negotiation

Music companies have been anxiously awaiting technology that can accurately mimic the voices of well-known performers.

Google and Universal Music may be in the early stages of negotiations. To allow fans to legally produce tunes using AI-generated voices while compensating the appropriate copyright holders as a response. The choice to participate would be given to the artists.

The problem is no longer a looming danger but a present reality. Because Deepfake tracks currently imitate vocals like Frank Sinatra or Johnny Cash. Putting it into a structure that can be profitable would be the next step. Singers like Drake and Taylor Swift have been “featured” on songs created by AI that have become popular.

Among Innovation And Infringement, There Is A Fine Line

Some musicians have expressed concern that as AI becomes more prevalent in the music industry, false versions of their songs and voices could degrade the quality of their work.

Some people have embraced technology, including the electronic musician Grimes.

For Google, establishing an AI-powered music product might give the business an edge over rivals like Meta who are also working on AI-powered audio products.

In the era of AI-generated music, the problem of licensing and copyright is considerably more complicated. Corporations will have to strike a careful balance between upholding artists’ rights, pushing the envelope of AI innovation, and turning a profit.


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