Russia And China Tested Quantum Communication Link: Report

According to a Chinese newspaper, scientists from Russia and China have achieved successful quantum communication over 3,800 kilometers. Moreover, this was accomplished by transmitting secure keys using China’s quantum satellite. The South China Morning Post reports that this accomplishment demonstrates the practical possibility of establishing a quantum network involving countries aligned with Russia and China.

The teams effectively conveyed two images encoded and protected using quantum primary keys. The South China Morning Post reported that this achievement represents a notable advancement in quantum communication. Moreover, it is renowned for its robust protection against unauthorized interception. Consider a scenario where a customer desires to transmit confidential data, such as a fingerprint, to a financial institution. In conventional quantum communication, the transmission of information necessitates physical transfer from the consumer to the bank. However, it exposes it to potential interception despite its secure nature. 

Russia And China

In the suggested quantum transport method, the bank transmits a solitary photon (a constituent of an entangled pair) to the consumer devoid of data. The customer uses a nonlinear detector to integrate the information. This causes the information to instantaneously arrive at the bank as if it had been teleported there. There is no actual information transfer between these two parties, rendering interception futile. Moreover, the connection between them is formed by exchanging entangled photons, developing a quantum link.

What are Russia and China up to?

The two nations’ cooperation in this area has recently been heating up. Russia and China conducted their first “full cycle” quantum transmission test last year, according to Alexey Fedorov, who spoke with The South China Morning Post. Moreover, regarding creating a quantum system, Russia is led by MISIS and RQC.

The Mozi quantum satellite, developed by China, was instrumental in this latest accomplishment. Mozi began operations in 2016 and is integral to China’s lofty quantum technology initiative. It has paved the way for fresh opportunities in the emerging area of quantum transmission networks. However, this has the potential for highly secure data transfer on a global scale.

The publication stated that the enhanced capabilities that may be reached through worldwide cooperation in research and technology are demonstrated by the accomplishment of this quantum communication test. The South China Morning Post further stated that the participation of the BRICS nations—South Africa, Russia, India, and China—in these technological developments demonstrates a change in the worldwide distribution of R&D funds, especially in innovative fields like quantum computing and communication.


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