NVIDIA CuQuantum 23.10: Advancing Quantum Computing with Upgraded SDK

On Tuesday, Wipro Limited, a major Information Technology company, revealed a new partnership with leading insurance firm RSA. The agreement, for NVIDIA CuQuantum, focuses on Wipro aiding RSA in transitioning to the cloud while establishing a secure and scalable IT infrastructure. Moreover, this collaboration extends the ongoing relationship between Wipro and RSA, which originated in 2016. The contract signifies Wipro’s role in supporting RSA’s journey towards modernizing its infrastructure by utilizing cloud technology in the coming years.

NVIDIA CuQuantum

Nvidia CuQuantum all details

Wipro Limited’s extended collaboration with RSA will aid in cloud migration and provide operational services to foster a connected business environment. The focus is on supporting RSA’s growth goals by creating a state-of-the-art infrastructure that enhances service delivery and improves customer and employee experiences through automation.

Omkar Nisal, Managing Director for the United Kingdom & Ireland at Wipro Limited, expressed pride in the extended engagement. It highlights their commitment to addressing RSA’s technological and regulatory needs. The aim is to strengthen RSA’s business through cloud technology and top-notch cybersecurity frameworks.

Matt Lockie, IT Foundation Director at RSA, emphasized the value derived from the continued partnership, particularly in infrastructure services. Moreover, both organizations are dedicated to achieving greater success through innovation and modernization in the coming years.

New Version Advancement

A noteworthy enhancement in cuQuantum 23.10 is cuStateVec, which introduces new APIs for efficient host-to-device state vector swaps. However, this enables the utilization of CPU memory alongside GPUs, making simulations more scalable. For instance, simulations requiring 128 NVIDIA H100 80GB GPUs for 40 qubit state vectors can now be achieved with 16 NVIDIA Grace Hopper systems. This accelerates computations and results in significant cost and energy savings.

Additionally, cuQuantum 23.10 has undergone optimizations at the API and kernel levels to enhance performance. Grace Hopper systems, with improved chip-to-chip interconnects and CPU capabilities, demonstrate superior efficiency compared to other CPU and Hopper systems, leading to faster runtimes.

NVIDIA invites exploration of cuQuantum 23.10 through comprehensive documentation and benchmark suites on GitHub. The company encourages feedback and questions on GitHub, ensuring continuous improvement and support for users. With these updates, NVIDIA continues to advance quantum computing, making it more accessible and efficient for a wider range of applications.


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