Sonia: The AI Mental Health Therapist 

Sonia: The AI Mental Health Therapist 

Sonia is an artificial intelligence cognitive behavioural therapist (CBT) therapist aimed at providing accessibility of mental health care to everyone. The mental health app is now available for iOS on the App Store.

Traditional therapy costs are expensive and not all areas have access to mental health care specialists. Sonia aims to combat this by providing mental health therapy at cheaper rates. 

Sonia and its features

The AI therapist provides users with text and voice-based therapy sessions. Users can also engage with the app to manage their anxiety and depression as well as have support sessions at any point of the day through their phone.

The AI therapist also provides services during emergency services. To elaborate, users undergoing extreme cases of anxiety, depression or even suicide contemplation will be detected by Sonia’s algorithms and models. 

Convenience is also another feature that sets Sonia apart from traditional mental health therapy. Unlike in-person therapy, where people book appointments to see a therapist, Sonia is available on users’ phones 24/7. This lets users seek services during times of crisis without booking any prior appointments. 

There is a free version of the app but users can also explore the various subscription plans. Sonia Plus starts at $19.99 monthly and Unlimited Access is available for $12.99 monthly. Users are also offered the Sonia Plus yearly subscription plan priced at $199.99. 

The startup was started in 2023 by founders, Chris Aeberli, Dustin Klebe, and Lukas Wold. The startup is based in Brooklyn, New York and has a company size of about 10 employees. 

Sonia was funded by investors such as Y Combinator and Team Ignite Ventures during a Seed round which took place on March 1, 2024. 


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