USB-C Ports Mandatory For Smartphones and Tablets in India Starting Mid-2025

USB-C Ports Mandatory For Smartphones and Tablets in India Starting Mid-2025

USB-C ports will be mandatory for small and mid-sized devices in India starting July 2025. This move means that all tablets and smartphones sold in India will have USB-C charging ports. Laptops are yet to be affected by this new regulation but the rule is expected to apply to laptops later in 2026. 

This new regulation will apply to Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices. However, it should be noted that smaller electronic devices such as earphones, smartwatches and basic feature phones will be excluded from the regulation. 

Back in 2022, the Indian government announced that it was planning to implement a regulation which allowed only one type of charger to be used across all devices. 

USB-C Ports and EU’s Decision to Implement the Mandate

This regulation came after the European Union’s mandate for electronic devices sold in the EU to have the same charging ports. Laptops are also expected to be hit by this mandate after a few years. 

The EU mandate made Apple switch from lightning cables to USB-C ports. This switch is most notably seen in the iPhone 15 models released in 2023. India is also expected to follow in the EU’s footsteps by implementing the USB-C port regulation. 

Switching to singular ports aims to decrease the amount of e-waste so people will only have to use one charger for multiple devices, thus creating sustainability in the electronic market. 


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