Tab Declutter: Google is helping Chrome users get organized

Google is working on a tab organization solution or a “Tab Declutter” which would be introduced in Chrome for Android. The feature...

Tab Declutter

Google is working on a tab organization solution or a “Tab Declutter” which would be introduced in Chrome for Android. The feature builds upon tab grouping. It would allow you to change the color and name of the group for organizational purposes.

The new feature in Chrome aims to be a little more up to the front. As per the “Tab Declutter” tabs would automatically be archived due to inactivity. This will make your tab list more efficient and enhances Chrome’s mobile speed. Though many people simply leave tabs open out of forgetfulness, this could be a bit more helpful. Users can still inspect your stored tabs and choose to restore or permanently delete any of them.

The feature is in the testing phase currently. Google has not yet confirmed any dates as to when these features will be available. This isn’t the only feature that Google is working on to improve the Chrome user experience. Google is working on a feature called “Android Tab Declutter,” which might launch as soon as May. It has the potential to archive and close tabs you leave open, which can save you memory and battery life. It’s still unsure if users will have the option to close tabs automatically.

With the uncertainty surrounding Chrome and its features, many users find it wise to seek alternate browsing options. Especially if tab disorganization is an ongoing issue. These days, there are several browser options around to choose from, for eg, Brave, and Mircosoft Edge. Many of them already offer organizational features. Chrome is moving slowly in a fast-paced world of tech and might lose its users.


Google is working on a new feature to be introduced on the Chrome web browser. The feature is called “Tab Declutter, the feature will let users organize tabs into groups, archive them, and more. Tabs in inactivity might get archived but can still be found in archived tabs.

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