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15 Best Google Chrome Alternative Browsers

Which browser you are using for your Operating system. There is a large variety of Operating systems where Google Chrome may not...

Google Chrome alternative

Which browser you are using for your Operating system. There is a large variety of Operating systems where Google Chrome may not work perfectly. So, I have collected a list of best Google Chrome alternative browsers for your use.

Other people who may be looking for the Google alternative browsers can be Developers and people who use one system but do SEO for different websites.

The option of web browsers demonstrated as a significant alternative to OS. Committed applications are competing with each other’s, but that’s not the case in the desktop realm. On the other hand, every year new web browsers are being developed, while a few can transform your browsing experience. So, we will be discussing the prominent ones. The key players may include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer rule the dominion of desktop browser applications. So, let’s take a look at the best browser alternatives for Google Chrome.

The prominent web browsers:

There is a total of 15 browsers on this list. Out of which 13 exist in the market while the remaining 2 are in the development stage. Let’s start with the ones that are developed, later we will discuss the ones which are under development. Here is the best alternative for Google Chrome.

1. Microsoft Edge

The Edge browser that was developed by the world’s largest OS company Microsoft was recently rolled out in product launch event and was successful in designing a browser that was not just fast from all the previous versions but had some cool and latest features that a user may ever need in a web browser. The rendering engines which was used in the development of this browser from Microsoft are the same on which the Chrome browser was developed. Hence giving it a much similar feature, appearance, and speed just like Google Chrome. At present, the browser is running on beta while the company is very much sure that it will be rolled out officially by the end of this year.

2. Opera Web browser

15 Best Google Chrome Alternative Browsers

This web browser has been in the industry for quite a long time and has secured itself a position very close to Google’s Chrome browser for surfing the internet. The organization also packed this web browser with some of the most demanded and essential highlights such as tabbed browsing and speed dial. While it also has a pre-fitted blocker for ads and promos that keep popping now and then and all. Additionally, it also has a great feature of turbo mode which lets faster browsing by compressing the web pages. The best feature which is preferred by a huge number of users is the ultimate VPN tool which lets the user access the regional Content which is why a user can get Ultimate access to such content which is otherwise blocked by the governing authorities.

3. Safari Web Browser

This web browser was initially designed and developed for Apple (iOS) users. So, if it happens to be that you are an Apple user it is a web browser that comes preinstalled on the iPhone or iMac devices. There’s no doubt about it being just a fast web browser but a heavily fortified web browser when it comes to security. As we all know Apple is a company that just doesn’t compromise on the security aspects. It is technically designed so well that it on its blocks all kinds of ads and pop-ups and different kinds of browsers that keep track of your browsing on the web. Also, it averts from the auto video playing on any sites accessed. On the other hand, also has a great feature of focused reading. An ideal feature for the ones who keep reading something or the other on the internet. Blocks all kinds of advertisement and other distractions which disturbs a browser while he’s busy reading content or a blog/post.

4. Chromium Browser

At present, the Google web browser has a market capture of more than 70% over any web browser being used on a worldwide scale. On the other hand, it is a browser that is being followed by the second most commonly used web browser Mozilla Firefox which just has a market share of a mere 10%. So, with this, it could be assumed what kind of dominance Google Chrome has. But if you want to use a chromium browser then it is as good as Google Chrome. And a chromium-browser can help you experience the same user experience which Google Chrome user gets.


15 Best Google Chrome Alternative Browsers
  1. O.S: Linux, iOS, Symbian, Android, Java & Windows Phone.
  2. Furnishing engines: – Blink.
  3. Prime highlights: Typical UI, Compatible with various platforms.

This is a great platform web browser available – which runs smoothly even on the classic Symbian powered devices. This cannot be the one reason to check it as the perfectly crafted layout and slick animation of most elements that reward this browser appear modern and fresh. A contemporary shiny search engine that offers browsers a great functionality and features in the security aspect. This desktop browser provides a cloud storage account for storing bookmarks, settings, and add-ons from the web store (Chrome). A great substitute for the entire Google regime. Therefore a worthy substitute to Google Chrome.

5. Maxthon Browser

15 Best Google Chrome Alternative Browsers
  1. O.S: Mac OS X, Android, Linux, iOS, Windows Phone.
  2. Furnishing engines: – Blink, Trident.
  3. Prime highlights: Compatible with most platforms, conceding regime.

A renowned browser-based from China which is designed and available for mobile devices and desktop platforms. It combines 2 furnishing engines and offers a ton of features, which includes dual-screen view, an inbuilt proxy administrator, ad-blocker and optimum download speed acceleration. By cutting in along the Passport from Maxthon, your complete configuration, extension, tabs, settings, account passwords all are synced with just more than one device, an ideal replacement for Google Chrome.

6. Mxnitro Browser

  1. O.S: Windows.
  2. Furnishing engines: – Blink.
  3. Prime highlights: Simple, Quick.

A completely unique concept as a desktop web browser as speed is the first priority. The browser is a dismantled edition of Maxthon, with nearly none exceptions of basic utility features. It is simple, weightless and snappy. Also, it is quick during the installation and prepared for instant browsing. Therefore, there is no need to get tangled in configurations.

7. Torch Browser

15 Best Google Chrome Alternative Browsers
  1. O.S: Windows.
  2. Furnishing engines: – Blink.
  3. Prime highlights: Hypermedia aimed.

This browser targets to stand as a mighty media intaking central, instead of a frank browser. Based on chromium specification it is tough revised and comes with some additional features. Also, new tab sheet brags being fully personalized, simple still updated design, long the toolbar demonstrates to majority feature of media which is present in the web browser. Likewise, it also has a great shortcut for music lovers, in short, a music streaming feature. Although the music content is channeled from YouTube. Just the quality compromised still the best alternative for Google Chrome. The ideal choice for the ones who spend the most time on social media pages.

8. Citrio Browser

  1. O.S: Windows.
  2. Furnishing engines: – Mac Furnishing Engine.
  3. Prime highlights: Timely updates, Quick/Speedy Downloads.

In the event of writing, this browser is simply best of grabbing the latest chromium OTA, offering multi-layered security, usual bug fixing and executing of latest features. It is mostly like Google Chrome, the only difference is it is much minimalist and simple to operate while performance standards are better than Chrome. This is a powerful browser and ideal for media consumption and speedy web downloads rewarding it as a perfect replacement for Google Chrome.

9. Baidu Browser

  1. O.S: Android, Windows & Windows Phone.
  2. Furnishing engines: – Blink.
  3. Prime highlights: Efficient downloader for video content, perfect social media compilation.

This is a Chinese browser that offers a great experience for social media and quick downloads. It is compatible with all the extensions from Chrome, WhatsApp & Facebook extensions are already configured on the browser but can be removed. It is originated from Chromium but does sport individual search boxes and URL, relevant to Firefox. The browser themes can be changed which comes with an added feature of speed dial console whereupon the already existing bookmarks can be personalized.

10. Sleipnir Browser

  1. O.S: Android, Mac OS X, Windows, Android, Windows Phone, iOS.
  2. Furnishing engines: – Blink.
  3. Prime highlights: Great font options, flap arrangement.

This is a great browser alternative for Google Chrome founded on Blink engine, therefore the ones who use Chrome will feel it similar. The web browser firmly imitates Safari, dragging all of the designs, styles, fonts from Mac. It generates font just like the ones seen in Mac, visible as circular and denser. The value of the effect is very subjective, however reading text on this browser is a great experience which is something difficult to neglect.p

11. Epic Browser

15 Best Google Chrome Alternative Browsers
  1. O.S: Mac OS X, Windows.
  2. Furnishing engines: – Blink.
  3. Prime highlights: Multi-layered security.

This is the one and only browser that specifically focuses on privacy as the prime aspect. That for the reason being the more frequent provider of update of Chromium engine in contrast with the other renowned web browsers for desktop. Its frequent versions after chrome, and is far better than the other options available. It is intended for a protected browsing experience one of a kind. One can discuss with the users can include a number of extensions to Google Chrome and feel the same. However not all the users have the knowledge on how to get it blocked. However, a preferable option for the best Google chrome alternative.

12. Lunascape Browser

  1. O.S: Android, Windows, iOS.
  2. Furnishing engines: – Gecko, Trident.
  3. Prime highlights: Multi generating framework.

This is a sophisticated multi-platform compatible browser which is an excellent supporter due to its being designed by three major engines. This highlight is greatly backed along with a dangling sense of web sites. Along comes a feature of showcasing one or more than one web page in the web browser in the absence or need to depend on a different window.

13. Green Browser

  1. O.S: Android, Windows.
  2. Furnishing engines: – Trident.
  3. Prime highlights: Advanced experience of web browsing.

This web browser is founded on Internet explorer. So, there is nothing new about it. However, the sense of browsing is pretty minimalist and is crafted with the intention of offering a similar design to IE8. Also, there is no feature or option for plugins in order to accomplish with the ones present in Chrome. So, if someone is looking for a simple web browsing and clutter-free experience one will need to give this a look.

14. Slim browser

15 Best Google Chrome Alternative Browsers
  1. O.S: Windows.
  2. Furnishing engines: Trident.
  3. Prime highlights: Weightless (Clutter-free) experience, quick.

This is an enhanced version of IE (Internet Explorer-latest version). This weightless installation component of the browser offers a complete package of features and a quick one with the option of being fully customized from head to toe. There is an inbuilt video downloader to directly download videos from YouTube, hence no need for additional software for downloading the videos from YouTube. Along with which there is a widget for checking the news, weather, blocking ads/pop-ups and numerous other productive utilities.

15. Pirate browser

  1. O.S: Windows.
  2. Furnishing engines: Gecko.
  3. Prime highlights: Pre-installed Torrent widget.

This browser is an assessment that was intended by the team named Pirate Bay who aimed at getting around the restrictions imposed by government authorities over access to specific sites. It usually comprises of Portable version of Firefox, Vidalia and the renowned foxy proxy widget(add-on). It comes with a user interface that is easy to understand and operate for private networking.

16. Tungsten

15 Best Google Chrome Alternative Browsers
  1. O.S: Windows.
  2. Furnishing engines: Blink.
  3. Prime highlights: Pre-installed file manager.

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary browser. As it’s a simple browser rendered of Trident and blink engine with a usual performance nothing fancy about it. It is compatible with all extensions of Chrome and the layout is more like the recent version of IE10. The best part is it is not just a web browser but a brilliant file and apps manager.

The browsers in progress

17. Vivaldi

  1. O.S: Mac OS X, Linux, Windows.
  2. Furnishing engines: Blink.
  3. Prime highlights: Tab stacker, Customizable.

Made by a bunch of former-Opera creators. Not much about it but will be hosting some thrilling features.

18. Project Maelstrom

  1. O.S: Windows.
  2. Furnishing engines: Blink.
  3. Prime highlights: P2P browsing.

This web browser is based on torrent attributes that accept the web content from p2p networks rather than the various web servers. Also, the rumor is that the content made visible on this web browser is due to it going against the government impositions on specific site content, this web browser surpasses all of them.


With the blend of the latest attributes and usual flux creates a need for substitute browsers. This is an easy method to alter the web-surfing encounter. So the above mentioned serves as the best alternatives for Google Chrome. Hope this was helpful. Thanks for reading!

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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