Telegram Stars Enables Content Monetisation and Digital Purchases

Telegram Stars Enables Content Monetisation and Digital Purchases

Telegram Stars has been recently launched by Telegram to introduce a way for in-app digital purchases and content monetisation. This newly introduced digital currency allows users to make digital purchases such as e-books, software, online courses, and more. 

Businesses use Telegram to sell commodities and services through bots and app hawkers. With the introduction of Stars, the sale of digital products and services can be done directly through the app.

Stars can be bought through Google, Apple or PremiumBot which can then be used to purchase the offered goods and services by bots. 

Telegram Stars for Content Monetisation

Stars were initially meant for the purchase of digital goods and commodities but a new update has expanded the Stars system to be used for content monetisation. This will allow creators to put their content behind a paywall. Their content can therefore only be accessed after users pay with the app’s digital currency, Stars. 

Stars can also be converted into Toncoin which is TON’s native cryptocurrency. This conversion can be done through Fragment, where Telegram usernames are bought and sold. 

In addition, Stars can also be used for app promotions, as stated by Telegram’s CEO Du Rove. The digital currency also allows channel owners to obtain advertising discounts for channel promotion. 

The messaging app is also expected to bring in more features such as sending gifts to content creators.


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