The WordPress Platform with AI Support From Bluehost

The WordPress Platform with AI Support From Bluehost

Making a fully functional online store is simple thanks to a new WordPress platform augmented with AI technology. Six features that establish a workflow for rapidly and easily launching a website or store using WordPress have been made available, according to an announcement from Bluehost.

The new tool, WonderSuite, acts as a co-pilot for publishers, offering AI-based direction at each stop along the road. With the help of the product suite, the open-source WordPress ecosystem can benefit from the click-and-build web development simplicity that is common in closed-source software.

Here are the Advanced Attributes

The new system has six parts, which deal with:


In this initial step, the user responds to a series of queries that aid the system in picking out the components required to build the new website automatically.


Starting with a versatile theme that offers pattern alternatives, the website is created before moving on to the following level.

WordPress Blocks

This is a collection of WordPress block patterns, which serve as the foundation for any website. By doing this, the website is tailored to the demands of the user and its intended use.

AI WonderHelp Support

This module provides direction throughout the entire process. Apparently from Bluehost:

“An actionable, AI-powered step-by-step manual to assist users with the creation of WordPress websites.

For instance, WonderHelp offers a step-by-step tutorial within the site builder and walks users through the entire process with those instructions incorporated throughout each page, saving them from having to utilize a search engine to learn “How to create a blog in WordPress?”

WordPress made simple

WordPress is intended to make creation simple right out of the box. While the basic setup is easy, creating a well-designed website still requires some talent and knowledge.

Anyone can use WordPress, the most reputable website publishing platform in the world, to develop a fully featured e-commerce site thanks to Bluehost’s new WonderSuite.


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