Report: WordPress Pays Google’s Transfer Costs for Domains

Report: WordPress Pays Google's Transfer Costs for Domains

In addition to offering rock-bottom prices on domain registrations, offers to pay domain transfer expenses for the first 1 million Google Domains users. made the announcement that it will pay the domain transfer costs for users of Google Domains and was dedicated to maintaining affordable domain registration costs.

For more than 400 top-level domains that it offers, is offering prices that are equal to those of Google. The lowest costs ever offered for domain name registrations will also apply to current users.

Is it expensive to register a domain?

Yes, registering a name through is incredibly inexpensive, matching the low costs charged by Google Domains.

It was declared that WordPress would maintain the cost of domain registration low moving forward, only increasing it when the cost of registration at the wholesale level goes up. According to the official release, they plan to sell reasonably priced domain names as a long-term business model.

The best way to move a domain from Google Domains to

The procedure for moving a domain is the same as moving it to another registrar.

The initial step is to unlock the domain via the dashboard of your current domain name registrar, in this case, Google Domains.

Once you’ve decided which domains you wish to transfer, go to the Google Domains dashboard and click on Registration Settings in the sidebar menu.

When the domain has been unlocked, scroll down to the Transfer Out section and click the “Get auth code” link.

Click the Domain is Unlocked toggle switch after that.

You can then navigate to the Domain Transfer website and follow the instructions.

For complete steps, start with the page titled “Transfer your Google domains.”


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