Google Translate Adds 110 Languages in a New Update

Google Translate Adds 110 Languages in a New Update

Google Translate adds 110 languages in a new update announced on their website. This marks Google’s largest-ever language expansion.

Google’s new language update is powered by Google’s PaLM 2 large language model. The language model has been stated to help the language service learn similar languages more efficiently. For instance, Marwadi and Awadhi are notably similar to Hindi, a language already available in the service.

Google states in its official blog, “Languages have an immense amount of variation: regional varieties, dialects, different spelling standards. In fact, many languages have no one standard form, so it’s impossible to pick a “right” variety. Our approach has been to prioritize the most commonly used varieties of each language.” 

Google Translate 110 Added Languages

Among the 110 languages, Afar, Cantonese, Manx, Nko Tamazight and Tok Pisin are added to the collection. Six new Indian languages have also been added in the update: Khasi, Marwadi, Kokborok, Awadhi and Santali.

Before this expansion, the Google service supported only 133 languages but with the new inclusions, Google Translate has now amassed a whopping 243 languages. 

Users can access the service either on the web browser or through the Google Translate app available on Android and iOS. 


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