YouTube Stories Going to Be Discontinued

In a recent announcement on YouTube, they confirmed that the stories section will be removed soon. The features users use to add updates will stay there for 7 days. Later on, it will discontinue on June 26, 2023.

The start and end of YouTube Stories

Introduced in 2018, Stories were initially accessible to content creators who had amassed over 10,000 subscribers.

The tool was created to facilitate the sharing of behind-the-scenes updates, vlogs, sneak peeks at upcoming videos, and quick announcements.

The recent decision to discontinue the feature comes as a response to varied feedback from users and creators. Some individuals expressed discomfort with the feature, considering it unconventional, while others highlighted its limitations, such as the absence of swipe-up and video-linking capabilities.

YouTube Stories

YouTube Shorts & Community Posts: New Frontier

With the discontinuation of Stories on YouTube, the platform now shifts its attention to utilizing community posts and YouTube Shorts.

In a recent update, YouTube has extended access to community posts to many creators, offering them popular features in Stories. These additions include editing tools that enable posts to vanish after 24 hours.

According to the company, community posts on YouTube consistently generate significantly more comments and likes than Stories.

Meanwhile, YouTube Shorts has emerged as a formidable competitor to TikTok in short-form video content. Despite initial challenges, including technical difficulties and a lack of monetization options, YouTube Shorts has established itself as a valuable tool for fostering engagement and attracting new subscribers.

After YouTube Stories Monetize with Shorts

YouTube has taken significant steps toward enhancing the monetization of Shorts. On February 1, 2023, the platform introduced a new process where revenue from advertisements shown between Shorts clips will be distributed among eligible creators.

This updated revenue-sharing model replaces the previous YouTube Shorts Fund and is considered a more sustainable approach to compensate creators for their contributions.


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