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5 Photoshop AI Tools to Supercharge Your Editing Skills

Generative platforms like ChatGPT and Dall-E mini have swiftly gained attention, placing artificial intelligence in the spotlight. Yet, it’s worth noting that...

Generative platforms like ChatGPT and Dall-E mini have swiftly gained attention, placing artificial intelligence in the spotlight. Yet, it’s worth noting that programs like Photoshop have incorporated AI assistance for quite some time. Within Adobe’s image editing software, these capabilities extend to tasks such as outlining objects, altering backgrounds, or tweaking facial expressions. Whether your AI-enhanced edits are subtle or bold, there’s ample room for experimentation. Let’s discover the top Photoshop AI tools and try to make the most of them.

Top 5 Photoshop AI tools to boost your productivity and creativity

The underlying magic of machine-powered editing remains consistent across Photoshop tools. Developers leveraged extensive stock and copyright-free image datasets to train the program, enabling it to discern where pixels belong, where they don’t, and what colors to use.

Neural Filters

Photoshop AI Tools

Filters usually act like an extra layer you can easily remove, tweaking the existing pixels in an image. Photoshop’s Neural Filters take it further by injecting new information into your photos. Head to the main navigation bar, click Filter, and select Neural Filters. There, you’ll discover a variety of actions, like adding depth to your images or smoothing skin tones.

Each Filter has options, allowing you to fine-tune them for a more or less pronounced effect, depending on your desired outcome. Remember that some filters are still in beta, a work in progress, so the results may need to be revised.

Take “Smart Portrait,” for instance. With simple sliders, you can make people in the photo appear happier, younger, older, and even change the direction they’re looking in. Experiment and enjoy the creative possibilities!

Intelligent Refine Edge

Gone are the days of painstakingly selecting and extracting objects from their backgrounds, thanks to Photoshop’s AI prowess, it’s now a breeze. Choose an object using Quick Selection, Magic Wand, or Lasso. Click on Select and Mask in the toolbar to fine-tune your selection.

Switch to Object Aware mode in the right menu for an extra hand from Photoshop AI Tools. Then, utilize the Refine Edge Brush Tool to find it by clicking the second icon on the left sidebar or hitting the R key. This tool shines, especially when dealing with delicate details like tracing around someone’s hair. Enjoy the ease of refining your edits!

Sky Replacement

The sky plays a crucial role in countless images, and Photoshop offers a dedicated AI tool to transform it. Further, it allows you to effortlessly alter the weather, mood, or time of day.

To make changes, open your image, head to Edit, and select Sky Replacement. You can choose from the program’s presets or upload your own. Additionally, fine-tune the sky’s temperature and brightness and adjust the foreground to match the lighting seamlessly. Enjoy the creative freedom to tailor the sky in your images with ease!

Select Subject

Photoshop AI Tools

Selecting an object in an image can be challenging, especially when the outline is unclear. That’s where ‘Select Subject’ comes to save you. This nifty tool employs AI processing to identify your photo’s main focus, whether it’s a person, a tree, or a dog, and automatically selects it for you. Select and opt for Subject to let Photoshop do its magic. Even if it doesn’t pinpoint the Subject precisely, it provides a solid starting point for your editing journey. This is one of the magical Photoshop AI Tools.

Content-Aware Fill

Photoshop AI Tools has a neat trick to erase objects from your images, using a bit of AI magic to fill in the gaps. While it might only sometimes nail it perfectly since it doesn’t know what’s behind the object, the results can be impressive.

To try it out, select the object you want to remove, go to Edit, and pick Content-Aware Fill. You can fine-tune your selection and preview how the fill will work. Specify areas in the image for Photoshop to fill the background once the object is gone.

Trust Photoshop’s magic by selecting an object and pressing Shift+Backspace for an even quicker process. Just ensure the Content-Aware option is chosen in the dialogue box that pops up, click OK, and see the changes apply seamlessly.


Photoshop AI tools redefine image editing, from Neural Filters injecting fresh perspectives to Intelligent Refine Edge, making intricate selections a breeze. Sky Replacement adds magic to atmospheres, while Select Subject simplifies complex object choices. Content-Aware Fill erases seamlessly, showcasing Photoshop’s AI prowess. Embrace the future of image editing, where human creativity meets AI innovation for boundless possibilities.


Exploring the Power of AI in Photoshop.

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