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For almost ten whole years, I’ve been using WordPress to make websites. Along the way, I’ve tried many different plugins that help make forms. It’s been like trying out different flavors of ice cream to find the best one! Finally, I found my favorite: WPForms. But golly, there are so many other form plugins for WordPress out there. It’s like trying to pick a favorite superhero!

If you want a plugin that helps make forms super fast on WordPress, I’ve got some cool stuff to share! I’ve tested many of these plugins and am excited to tell you about the seven coolest ones.

The Top 7 Coolest Form Plugins for WordPress

I went through more than 20 plugins – that’s a bunch! Then, I picked the seven best ones. Let’s take a closer look!


form plugins for WordPress

This one is like a treasure chest full of forms! This is one of the best form plugins for WordPress has almost a thousand forms already made and ready for use. You can make all sorts of forms, from simple ones where people can send messages to really complicated ones, like forms for big stuff like getting a loan for a house. And if you can’t find a proper form, you can start from scratch and make your own. It’s like making your very own superhero costume!

Key Features:

  • More than 900 forms have already been made.
  • Extra stuff to keep bad guys (spam) away.

Gravity Forms

This is like a wizard that helps make particular forms! Imagine making a form where you can put many different things on different pages, like a job application where you fill in your name on one page and your skills on another. It’s not hard to use – it’s easy for everyone!

Key Features:

  • Makes all kinds of forms easily.
  • Lots of extra stuff to add cool things to your forms.

Formidable Forms

form plugins for WordPress

This plugin is super intelligent. It already has more than 235 forms ready for you to use. But guess what? You can also start from a blank page and make your form however you want! It’s like being an artist and painting your picture.

Key Features:

  • Over 235 forms that are already done.
  • It even helps make extraordinary things like apps!

Fluent Forms

This one is a bit like a ninja – it’s firm but not heavy. Everything is in every plan, but the only change is how many places you can use it. You can start with forms already made in many different areas. You can make forms that go step by step, and you can show extra parts when you need them. It’s like building a puzzle!

Key Features:

  • Everything you need in every plan except the free one.
  • Lots of forms have already been made for you to start with.

Quill Forms

This one of the amazing form plugins for WordPress helps make fun forms, like quizzes and surveys. You can use forms that are already made or start from scratch. While making your form, you can see how it looks, like peeking at a present before you open it! It’s cool things like letting people go to different questions depending on what they answered.

Key Features:

  • Particular forms that are like having a conversation.
  • Letting people go to different questions.


This plugin is a super helper for making forms on WordPress. It doesn’t need any extra stuff added to it. It still needs to make forms for you. You get to be the creator! You see all your changes when making your form, like adding more sprinkles to an ice cream cone. It’s easy and has signs showing where to go when your form gets big.

Key Features:

  • Making your form in real-time.
  • No extra stuff is needed.


form plugins for WordPress

This one of the superb form plugins for WordPress is different from the others. It’s like a secret agent for getting feedback! It makes little boxes on your website where people can give their thoughts. You can also put a form on a page if you want. You can ask different questions; changing them for phones or computers is easy.

Key Features:

  • Lots of different feedback things.
  • Easy to change for phones or computers.


In the end, each plugin is like a different flavor of ice cream. Some are super good at one thing, and some are good at many things. Some have lots of forms already made, but one doesn’t have any. Depending on your needs, one of these plugins might suit you.

Try out the free versions, especially Quill Forms, because it lets you try a little of everything. Even though they might not have everything, you can see how they work. Later, if you like one, you can pay for more cool stuff.

I like WPForms because I’ve used it a lot, and it has many forms already made. Which one will you pick? It’s like picking your favorite superhero – challenging, but you’ll find the one right for you!


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