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Why Use WordPress For Your Website Or Blog?

WordPress is my favorite content management system (CMS), not only mine but of all those who are using WordPress (I do believe)....

why use wordpress

WordPress is my favorite content management system (CMS), not only mine but of all those who are using WordPress (I do believe). It has been just five years that I am using WordPress and it has never let me down. And in these five years, I have made more than six dozen websites using it. For me, WordPress is not only a blogging platform, but it is much more than that. In this post of mine, I will tell you why Use WordPress for your blog or website.

I will not ask you to use WordPress because of my experience with it, but I will give the best reasons to use WordPress and why millions of people use it. If you ask me that which is better Blogspot or WordPress, then my vote will be for WordPress only.

A little bit of History about WordPress.

It all started years before, back in 2003 to enhance the typography of everyday writing started by a small group of people. Since then WordPress has become one of the best self-hosted blogging platforms all over the world. There is an estimate of 76 million sites running on WordPress now, which shares content (post) every second. Know more about it.

There are more than hundred reasons to use WordPress. But I will share with you as much as I can. So, here are the reasons, why you should use WordPress:

1. The first and best reason is that it is free:

Unlike other CMS, WordPress is completely free. You can use it to build any kind of website, whether its business site, blogging site, shopping site, or any WordPress gaming site. The best thing is that there are no hidden charges or terms or conditions for using WordPress.

2. It is Open Source:

Open Source means that you can edit the code of the WordPress CMS according to your needs. You can not only change the code of the CMS but also you can change the code of the themes and plugins used by you. Open Source means that the product is free and will be free forever and always.

3. Can be Used Instantly:

WordPress is attracted many developers because it is ready to use as soon you install it on the server. Unlike other CMS, you can use to get some instant features like one-click theme installation and easy to post content and images.

4. It is Flexible:

Any other CMS can’t match the flexibility of WordPress. You can create your personal blog, make a gaming site or an e-commerce site because of its versatility. Using its plugins as extensions and extraordinary features make it flexible.


Essential WordPress Plugins for your Blog and website.

5. More Safe and Secure:

WordPress one of the most popular and easiest content management system which is used by millions of people each day. And hundreds of hackers try to hack it. But WordPress community regularly works on it to harden WordPress security. And make it more safe and secure from hackers. Moreover, you can make it safer by using some additional plugins and coding. And also installing an SSL certificate in WordPress is easy which can be done in a matter of minutes.

6. It is Search Engine Friendly:

Search engines like sites that are powered by WordPress. The use of plugins like SEO by Yoast and All in One SEO makes WordPress more powerful in SEO. These plugins help it to become an idle CMS for search engines. See how Matt Cutts in his Video praises WordPress.


Best WordPress SEO Plugins For SEO.

7. Is easily customizable:

Customizable means that you can make changes according to your will to your website. It will be great if you know the basics and coding of WordPress but if you don’t then it doesn’t matter because you can use free as well as paid themes or plugins for customizing your WordPress website. Moreover, there are thousands of tutorials available on the internet which can help you with the same.

8. Can be used Easily:

Personally, I have not used an easy CMS like WordPress. There are many content management systems which are free and can be utilized by millions of people, but these CMS are not as friendly as WordPress. All the things needed to use are available on the left side. The best thing, we can post any video, Images, and content with just one click. Moreover, it can be installed in a matter of minutes, and it is best known for quick installation.

9. Is Mobile Friendly:

Google told all the webmasters to get build a mobile-friendly website, which will be better for SEO purposes too. And when you are working with WordPress then you need not worry about responsiveness for your website. You can get any free or paid responsive theme from WordPress only.

10. Support provided by WordPress:

Being one of the best and free CMS, WordPress may also run into an error or some problem, but there is lots of support available at the WordPress Forums. The community aims to help and troubleshoot all your problems with WordPress. I use this WordPress forum when I don’t get any solution from Google search, but you can also look for your problem in forums.

11. Multimedia in one place:

You can easily add images, audio files, and videos to enhance the user experience. Not only you can upload the files, but you can edit them also. Other features are like creating an image gallery or video gallery etc. These all you can do with the help of WordPress Plugins and make the user experience amazingly awesome.

12. Integration:

WordPress can be integrated with many other platforms like Aweber, Mail chimp, CCAvenue, PayPal, and some more. It can integrate with other platforms to perform some extra features which make it more usable by the bloggers and website developers.

13. Can Be Managed Easily:

WordPress is regularly updated, and mainly you can set the updations to the auto. Moreover, the plugins are also updated in accordance with WordPress.

14. It is Much More than a Blog:

WordPress was built only for Blogging, but you can make any kind of website with it. We can create static as well as dynamic web pages using it. Not only this, but we can also implement it with some programs to make one of the awesome tools or online Apps.

15. Helps to build a Community:

WordPress has its own community forum, but there are other ways that can also help you to do the same. The ways can be by the use of the comments section and have an own community by using the Buddy Press Plugin for WordPress. There are many free plugins that can help to make your own community.

16. Saves your Money:

This is one of the best reasons why I use WordPress. I told you that WordPress is free and you can make an entirely dynamic website. It can save your money by not spending it on development. The availability of free WordPress themes and Plugins can save you a lot of money.

17. There are many Solutions for E-commerce:

There are many plugins and extensions available, which you can use to make an amazing e-commerce site. Some of the most used and popular plugins are Woo CommerceWP eCommerce, and Shopp. You can use these Plugins to make an e-commerce website without developing your own program or plugin.

18. You are not limited to a particular Hosting Provider:

There are many hosting providers where you can install WordPress easily. I don’t think that there is any hosting provider where we can’t install WordPress. Moreover, Hostinger is the Best Hosting Provider which allows WordPress installation, and along with other CMS to be installed on it.

19. You can Schedule the Post:

The best thing why I use WordPress is because I can schedule my posts. We can prepare multiple posts at a time and schedule them for different times of posting. Mainly this can prove handy when we are going on holidays, and the articles can be posted in our absence. Or you can schedule a post at that time when your site gets more traffic (It may be when you are sleeping).

20. It has a Multi-user capability:

Multi-user capability to use WordPress is another thing that makes WordPress great CMS and another reason to use WordPress. Simultaneously multiple people can access the WordPress Dashboard and even make changes to the same website. You need not add these features using any plugins or extension as these features are built-in and can be used easily. You can create a user account according to the assigned works. Like creating a Super Admin to control over multiple WordPress sites and all accounts. Administrator account for a single WordPress site, Editor profile to manage and publish a post, Author profile which allows to manage and publish (sometimes to be reviewed by Administrator) their own post, contributor Account allows to write and manage the post but always have to be reviewed by Administrator before publishing and at the last is Subscriber profile which can only use the website and manage his or her Profile.

21. Posting with a just a click:

If you have written an article in MS Word or any Software like the word, then you need not worry about the format of the content. Either you can copy-paste to the WordPress or directly grab the content from the Word using some plugin in WordPress.

22. Testimonials can be added easily:

WordPress allows you to create testimonials of your own. You can create using Inbuilt features or create your own. There are many free themes available that give you the features of the testimonial tab on your Website; you need not create a one.  The plugins that can be used to make testimonial tabs are Easy Testimonials or the Testimonials Widget.

23. It’s a universal Platform:

You can use WordPress in any browser or in any windows, Mac, or Linux (operating system). The dashboard will look the same for all on every platform. You can also use WordPress on your mobile; the apps are available for IOS, Andriod, and Windows Phones. You can easily check your comments and updates using your mobile.

24. A multi-language site can be developed:

There are many countries in the world and English is not the universal language. So you can make a multi-language site using WordPress. Not only multiple languages but you can also switch to one particular language. Moreover, many free plugins are available for the same. I have collected a list of plugins for making a multilingual website.

25.  Each day WordPress is getting better:

WordPress is the most popular CMS and millions of people are using it. And there are also many who each day work to make WordPress better. WordPress started from version 0.70 and is still getting the updates. Even you can be a part of the WordPress development team and help to make WordPress awesome.

26. It is not compulsory to learn any coding language for Using WordPress:

An important point to add. WordPress is a CMS that can be used by non-developers to make a professional website in a short period. You just need to learn some of the basic techniques and have good knowledge about the plugins to operate WordPress. Even HTML (Hypertext markup language) is not required to use the WordPress CMS. I have seen many bloggers who don’t even know a single line of code but are running their blogs successfully without any help. And I think using WordPress without knowing any code or coding language is one of the best reasons for why use WordPress for your blog or website.

27.It is not even compulsory that you have the knowledge of MySQL or some other database programs:

To install and use WordPress, it is not a compulsion that you have the knowledge about MySQL or Oracle or any other. Because of doing the one-click installation, WordPress automatically creates the database for your blog or website. And then the same database can be imported or exported easily by using a single plugin. You can check my full tutorial about One-click Installation WordPress for starting your own blog or website.

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Why use WordPress (conclusion)

Personally, I recommend you to use WordPress. I have stated 27 reasons for why to use WordPress. If you have not used WordPress, then now is the time for you to start using it. If you still have any queries or questions, then feel free to tell us through your comments.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

26 Replies to “Why Use WordPress For Your Website Or Blog?”

  1. Hi Robin,
    i agree with all your points!
    Wordpress is the best !
    Love your content !
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Robin,
    I love your article! I am a WordPress user myself, because of the facts, well you have stated them all. But if I may add, 2018 is an exciting year to be using WordPress, because upcoming updates that would really make it more user-friendly, interactive, and VR ready. I have no plans on switching to other CMS. Thanks for the informative post!

  3. Hi Robin! Great article! Aside from its popularity in the world, this CMS has become favorite of most website developers and among businesses because of how powerful the tool is. I choose WordPress because it is user friendly. It is easy to set up, manage and update as well.I love WordPress for all the reasons you’ve listed here.

  4. Quite handy information. There are many great reason to use WordPress for a website or blog. If you are planning to start your own website or blog, WordPress is the best choice for you as it offers very impressive and simple to use features.

  5. WordPress is one the best scripts out there. It’s GUI, flexibility and it’s tons of plugins make it better than the rest. I also WordPress for my blog. It’s so crisp.

  6. Completely True,
    I have been using WordPress for last 3 years and it has never let me down.
    I just think that it needs some better disaster management feature and it will be a Perfect CMS.
    Great Blog, by the way, Happy to connect.

  7. Hi Robin,
    What a wonderful comparison and the conclusion!
    Yes, for a beginner blogger is the right place to start with, and if one need to extend it to on a larger scale WordPress i the one! I started my blogging like many others with Google’s blogger. com platform, no doubt is is very easy to start with and any layman with a bit of a computer knowledge can open their account with a gmail account!
    You, presented 25 wonderful reason to move towards wp is really worth noting post
    thanks for sharing this I just curated this post on my Tsu account.
    Keep sharing
    Have a great rest of the day
    ~ Philip

    1. There are more hundreds of reasons but I was able to give only main 25 reasons.And also thanks Philips for sharing this post of mine in TSU.

  8. With the use of WordPress platform we can do every important thing which we need to become expert from beginner and for helping us there are so many useful plugins and widgets which can make our work very easy and highly effective also.

    1. Hi Robin
      You have shared very informative post. This will help me to advice my customers to use wordpress. I will suggest your post to them.

  9. Exactly, I was using my blog with Blogger. But I was not receiving the results of my efforts in form of traffic. I switch it to WordPress. And now I can see word press do the SEO more quickly as compared to other platforms.

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