How to Convert MSG Files into Outlook PST Format?


In this Post, Users can Convert an MSG file into an Outlook PST file by following the instructions. Continue with it through to the conclusion. Many people discover that converting files can be problematic because they need to select the correct one. The ability to migrate files across different formats is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. In this post, I’ll offer you a professional solution to the problem of how to import—msg files to Outlook PST files. Let’s first review the fundamental definitions of the MSG and PST file formats.


Even while the Outlook email software comes in both MSG and PST file formats, there are still significant differences between the two. It might only have one Outlook item, just like an MSG. It may take the shape of a calendar entry, contact, task, event, appointment, or email message. Any item from Outlook can be dragged, and it will appear on the desktop or in any stored location as an MSG file.

However, a PST (Personal Storage Table) is an Outlook file that may hold all of the things in your mailbox, including tasks and emails. Since it can preserve every mailbox item in a single PST, it is not required that it hold a single item. For this reason, PST files are significantly larger than MSG files.

The Best Way to Move Many MSG Files to PST Format Is with the MSG to PST Tool

Getting MSG to PST Converter makes it simple to carry out the operation of migrating from MSG to PST. This is the quickest method for exporting several.msg files to a PST file. Additionally, it guarantees total accuracy. Any non-technical person can easily convert files from MSG to PST using this simple file-converting procedure.

Additionally, this file movement application functions on Mac and Windows operating systems.

Additionally, it provides a free demo option at no cost to all users. What matters most is that this method does not require the installation of the Outlook email client. Now, let me go over each step of the file conversion process in detail below. After that, we’ll look at the app’s capabilities.

Step-by-step instructions on how to import MSG files into Outlook PST Format

1. Start the tool for converting MSG.

2. Look through and pick the necessary MSG files.

3. From the drop-down menu, choose PST.

4. To begin the conversion process, click Convert.

The App’s Outstanding Features for Converting MSG to PST

The program is the most practical way to export.msg files to PST format because it offers so many handy features. In the part that follows, let’s examine each of them:

  1. Batch migration possibilities are made more accessible by MSG to PST Tool’s “Add Files” and “Add Folder” features. Additionally, users can easily choose their own files.
  2.  The program works well with both the newest and older versions of Outlook, such as Outlook 2021, 2016, 2019, 2007, 2013, etc.
  3. This app migrates MSG files without affecting any of the other components, and it does so flawlessly while maintaining the folder hierarchy.
  4. The software does not impose any size restrictions on MSG files; big files can be converted with ease using this technique.
  5. The program operates entirely on its own; installing Outlook is not required to import.msg files into PST files.
  6. Additionally, the software offers users accessible alternatives to select the desired saving path.

Complete Video Tutorial to Convert MSG Files into PST Format

Frequently Asked Questions – Users’ Side

Can I use this tool because I need to gain a technological background?

Yes, anyone may use this MSG file to open PST program without any difficulty; computer literacy is not needed to use this simple conversion tool.

Is using this method safe and secure?

In short, this procedure is very safe to use. Users can export MSG data in bulk to PST without risk of data loss or errors.

Is there a maximum number of files that this function can handle?

The answer is no; there are no file size limitations. Users can load several files for conversion once they have the license key by paying a small fee.

Final Words to Convert an MSG file into an Outlook PST

Users should now be able to figure out how to import MSG files into Outlook PST files easily. To eliminate any remaining questions, users can export 25 MSG files to PST format for free. This program is compatible with Windows operating systems, including Windows 10, 11, 8.1, 8, XP, 7, and Vista.

The method described above provides a comprehensive solution to the problem of importing a.msg file into an Outlook PST file. Because of the way this utility is made, users can use it to migrate files without any restrictions or risks. It includes every functionality a user could want, such as the assurance that no attachment characteristic will be lost. It is a technique that is also economical. Users are welcome to contact the 24/7 consulting service if they have any questions about the program.

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