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EaseUS Data Recovery Software – Free software

Concise Overview Most of the times an individual accidentally comes across a mind-twisting situation. So in such cases, data (content) gets deleted...

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Concise Overview

Most of the times an individual accidentally comes across a mind-twisting situation. So in such cases, data (content) gets deleted by mistake. The data deleted in some cases might be recovered from recycle bin. But hard drive crashes, permanent delete (shift-delete) makes it impossible to lay hands on the valuable data lost.

What is EaseUs Data Recovery software?

EaseUS is a mighty compilation of data efficacy which is profitable and convenient both. The EaseUS data recovery software is a firm software crafted so well that it could meet the requirements of the IT white collars. It is very easy to use the software. Does not matter from which field the user may be. It is designed so well that it could be used by anyone. Lucrative design and purpose of it being taken into consideration are the major reasons for it being popular among the global population. Come let us have a look at what does it really hold for its users.


The EaseUS could be used on Windows and Mac. Being available for both the globally used OS makes it very handy. The sole purpose behind designing EaseUS is recovering data. The users use it widely on a windows OS and the latest windows versions. And it runs smoothly on Apple as well. For Windows users, it is widely known as Data Recovery wizard pro i.e. Windows WinPE. While on the other hand on Mac it is commonly known as Data Recovery wizard pro i.e. Mac along Bootable Media. The EaseUS is not only designed for desktops. The founders have also extended their effort in designing the same for Android and iOS.


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Trial Version of EaseUS

Like any software, EaseUS comes with a licensed version along with a free version. The purpose of making the trial version is to let the users download and see what they are buying. As far as the organization describes the EaseUS, trial version would not be enough. So an individual after trying and exploring the functionality of the application would definitely ask for the premium/pro version of the EaseUS. The software could be used for a trial version for 30 days. While allowing the users to only recover up to 2GB data.

The functioning

The EaseUS belongs to the data recovery category.

  • The first step is starting the application.

  • The next step is selecting the file location so that the application is able to select and scan the location for the next step.

  • Then the selection box appears, where the user can select which location should be opened up and scanned for file recovery. It can be either desktop, the windows libraries or a specified file location.

  • The EaseUS is able to show them all. The EaseUS data recovery is not like other recovery software.

  • You don’t need to run a full drive scan at a beginning

It’s Use

The software could be done to recover the data lost. The data loss could be because of multiple reasons. The data on the drive could be deleted mistakenly or with an intention by someone. The other major reason could be a hard drive crash. Or the other reason would be files corrupted due to some of the other reason. The programs installed on the system may sometimes accidentally result in deletion. Hence causing important data loss.


The EaseUs data recovery software user experience is something that could not be lined up using words. The reason for this is the numerous features that turn an individual into a limitless one. The user experience, in other words, is just off the hook. Better could be explained as an out of the box, making it stand alone-stand apart recovery tool used ever. It ranks roughly among the top of the line data recovery software. The user interface is very comfortable. Which eases the user to explore the various features and predefined functionality. Hereby making it the software demanded by most individuals. The EaseUS version for both Windows and Mac are somewhat alike. So the user experience for Windows and Mac hardly differentiates itself from one and other.


The above article clarifies the various pointers on EaseUS file recovery software. The deleted data could now be attained back easily now. With just a simple click, the lost data can be recovered with EaseUS. Just start the application, select the file location from where data has been erased. Select “Recover” and you are good to go. Happy data recovering.

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  1. Nice article. There are many data recovery software in the market. but the thing I liked about the easeus data recovery software it is used and successful works in both Windows and Mac computers and laptop. Thanks for sharing the article.

  2. Hi Robin,

    Nice post. There are various data recovery software around in the market. However, the one thing which I like about EaseUS Data Recovery Software is that it works in both windows and Mac computers. Overall looks like a good products.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day. 🙂

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