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Easily Unlock PDF File Free (Tools)

It’s not a new question that arises from users about how to unlock PDF files free but now we have sorted everything...

Easily Unlock PDF File Free (Tools)

It’s not a new question that arises from users about how to unlock PDF files free but now we have sorted everything out and got you the best methods to unlock PDFs free. PDF is versatile and many users use this document in their day-to-day lives if they always go for the high subscription then it’s quite expensive for them.

Unlock PDF is a way to remove all kinds of restrictions and security from it and allow users to enable it to edit whatever they want now the question is still the same how to decrypt PDF free but we have made a comprehensive guide that will give you easy steps to fix this.

Let’s follow up to work on this.

Best Ways to Unlock PDF Files Free

You can use these ultimate methods to easily unlock PDF files for free because these methods are safely tested and tried so don’t worry about your data confidentiality and let’s try one:-

Use Microsoft Word to Unlock PDF Free

This time, we’ll use Word to convert the PDF to Word so you may create a fresh PDF and add comments whenever you’d like.

Convert your PDF to the world with using these steps:-

  • Open the file in World, File>Open
  • Wait some time until the World converts documents by itself.
  • Then edit functions will be enabled automatically once it converts which was disabled before in the PDF.

Use Google Drive to Unlock PDF File Free

Google Docs may be created from PDF files using Google Drive. You can extract data from a picture using with OCR feature. The procedures to convert a PDF file to a Word document are as follows.

  • “Login into Google Drive” with your account credentials.
  • Click and “drag the PDF file” in the file browser or click on New > then Upload a file to navigate to the file you want to upload.
  • Once the file has been uploaded successfully, it will be available in your documents.
  • Click on the PDF file that you uploaded recently Open with>Google Docs.
  • Google Drive converts documents automatically.

Online Third-Party Apps

Some of the greatest online PDF editors available work well when users are pressed for time, offer additional capabilities, and enable speedy editing. There are lots of Tools to make some edits:

  • You can “change, edit, or write” text.
  • You can easily “add or remove your signature” on the pdf.
  • Can “convert PDF” into black and white.
  • Review it by print tests and functions to change the page order, and more.
  • You just need to take action and all things will get sorted.

PDF Table Extraction Tools

If you want to extract table data from your PDF this tool will be really helpful because PDF converters like online software sometimes fail to do it accurately, fortunately, table extraction can be of great help there are some of the table extraction tools are tabula, PdfTables, Docparser, Camelot, Excalibur.

Use PDF Password Unlocker

Try out this SysTools Incredible PDF Unlocker Tool because it has positive reviews and is marked as a trustworthy product because of its great features you can remove PDF restrictions like Printing, Copying, Editing Page Extraction many more. It supports the Unlocking of PDF files from Owner Level and Master Password Security. Provides batch processing for multiple files to Unlock PDF Files.

Use Preview For PDF Restrict Editing (Mac)

Preview is a good app for Mac users that is in-built and you can use it simply by opening a file and going to the tools panel. You can use this to underline text And add or delete pages by annotating, compressing, and highlighting the sections you want to like signing, and filling PDF.

Follow the steps:-

  • Utilizing the toolbar Choose “text item” at the top.
  • Select the text portion that needs editing or adding. Select the adjustments you wish to make at that moment and click on the empty spot.
  • Edit images by Clicking the “Edit” option.
  • Go to the “Image”.
  • Navigate towards “Finder” and select the PDF file containing the image or data.
  • Now, move the image.
  • Finally, edit the PDF in Google Docs.


Now you can unlock PDF file free with the use of these listed methods in this article. The PDF document is the most sought for sharing rich information and if it is locked most of the users will face troubles because nobody will be able to edit it and copy their relevant contents into it. PDF can be restricted with copying, editing, commenting, and so on and if it is secured with these restrictions then you won’t be able to change anything so we bring you these amazing methods tool to remove passwords from PDF without a password.


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