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How to Make Appealing Presentation with Free Google Slides Templates

The way of giving presentations has dramatically changed in last few years. Now, presenters can complement their speech with amazing slide designs...

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The way of giving presentations has dramatically changed in last few years. Now, presenters can complement their speech with amazing slide designs that captivate the audience attention, combining multimedia content, visual aids, and modern typography.

By visiting freegoogleslidestemplates.com, you will definitely get to know about the few tips on how to create effective and pleasing presentations with free Google Slides themes and templates.

FGST (Free Google Slides Templates) is a team of professional presentations designers that willing to chip in with the online community. They believe in generating high-quality presentation content for many years. With a precise decision, they help beginners to produce astonishing presentation decks with free tools. In simple terms, the team is experienced to make others learn and create innovative ideas.

Features of FGST:

  1. Create free Google Slides Templates for users to download them with zero cost and use them in their presentations.
  2. Provide effective knowledge to teachers, marketers, sales team, IT engineers, and non-professionals.
  3. Build visual content that is designed with flexibility and usability in mind.

With the help of such features, I being the IT employee created a presentation for my office assignment and in return, I received high appreciation from my boss.

Do you know what I have included in my presentation? FSGT is such a helpful site that provides presentation templates for Google Slides, including many presentation designs ready for business or technology. Some of the presentation templates available on FGST includes UX templates for Google Slides, modern presentation template designs, gradient backgrounds for Google Slides, and more. By using few of these Google Slides themes, I made a beautiful presentation that clearly depicts the content and represents what it actually wants to say.

My task of browsing doesn’t end here, I continued further. By searching more, I come across brilliant tips to create presentations with Google Slides templates. By reading such information and utilizing it in my presentation, it helped me a lot in adding fonts, color, texture, contrast, and theme elements to the slides.

Whenever we are on our new projects, we tend to look for new and make the best way to represent it. Thus, online is the great platform where I step on when I got the new project. Then, all thanks to FGST that help me know about new features. Here, what I have added to my presentation.

Text Content

  • Wording should be simple and clear.
  • Limited word strength.
  • Embed the fonts in your presentation.
  • Use colors sparingly, generally, the same color for all the titles and different for text body. Be appropriate while choosing a color from slide to slide. Pick an attuned color for the background as well. You can choose the theme too.

Presentation Backgrounds

  • Opt for a consistent background. Mostly, simple and light textured background works well.
  • Use white background when you have lots of clips in your slides. If you have no idea for picking up a background theme, freegoogleslidestemplates.com is the best you can take help from and here various free templates are available to download, or you can download some nice abstract backgrounds here.


  • For making presentation appealing, subtle animations can be used delicately.
  • With the help of clips, I represent the graphs and statistics of showing comparative results where the graph lines were going up and down as per my settings. In short, it was self-explained.
  • Clips are helpful in enhancing client engagement.

So, these were the three things I included in my presentation. You need to be confident while presenting your project and remember one thing to keep master slide as powerful for engaging more customers initially.

You may come across visuals, transitions, contrasting text colors, and stock template through which you can also come across plenty of clever designs built in advanced presentations. So, this helps you create high-quality presentations at the full advantage.

Do you know successful presentations are defined as what they leave and what they include? This is reasonable to leave out a lot of information but selecting the most required is essential. So, in presentation, when you do right, Google & PowerPoint supports you in delivering what you want to say about.

Well, the tools available for making presentations online are the innovations through designs. It is an approach to discover exciting things, recognize possible future, and form unique ideas.

From the next time, whenever you get your first project and want to give your best, don’t forget to download free Google Slides themes, I feel that this is the only site where you can get this type of help from creative designs to amazing content formations. Be ready to build your own layout!


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Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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  1. I have not heard about this Google slide template before while browsing it, thanks for sharing this unknown information. I like the features of this slide theme, and I think it contains lots of templates and themes in it. I want to make use of it and need to save my time in designing model. Will try out from my side and share my idea regarding this topic soon.

  2. Hey Robin,

    In the present days now, presentations are considered the defacto standard to communicate a message, showcase a new product, spread an idea, or prepare a lesson. Google Slides themes contain dozens of free presentation templates and themes compatible with Google Slides.

    With the help of Google Slides themes, the presentation editor can save a lot of time by reusing existing designs and presentation themes. By using FGST, presentations can be copied directly to Google Drive and customized to match any presentation requirement. Eventually, thanks for sharing your best ideology regarding this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  3. Hi Robin,

    I hadn’t come across the Google slide templates before, so thanks for pointing them out.

    My presentation skills aren’t good, so a free template is useful.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

  4. Hello,

    I think I rarely use google slides and after reading this post I learned that it has some awesome features and its effective to create slides.


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