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5 Good News Websites To Check Out

Looking for something positive to break the bad news cycle? If so, here are five great good news websites to check out....

5 Good News Websites To Check Out

Looking for something positive to break the bad news cycle? If so, here are five great good news websites to check out.

Faced with so many negative stories from the mainstream news cycle, it can be hard to remain positive. With news of war, poverty, budget cuts, natural disasters, and more, spending too much time reading, listening to, or watching the news can make everything seem all doom and gloom.

However, there are plenty of positive newsworthy stories taking place every day, from acts of generosity to progress towards climate goals to family reunions to technological advancement and more.

The biggest problem, however, can be finding these positive stories among the swathes of bad news. So, to make your job easier, we are rounding up the best good news websites you need to check out.

5. A Plus ‒ for good news in video form

Co-founded by American actor Ashton Kutcher, A Plus specializes in positive news stories presented in video form ‒ perfect for the modern generation who consume a wide range of online video content.

The website’s mission is “sharing uplifting and inspiring stories that impact people’s day-to-day lives.” And, with a huge library of stories covering a wide range of different topics, this is certainly one of the best good news websites you should check out when you need to lift your mood.

Founded in 2014, they work firmly on the belief in the power of positive thinking and storytelling. Inspiring series on their website include ‘Going From Broke’, ‘A Plus Heroes’, ‘The New Americans’, and more.

4. Good Good Good ‒ to inspire readers to do good every day

Inspired by the beloved US TV host Mr. Rodgers, Good Good Good focuses on helping readers “look for the helpers.” In order to bring some light to what can sometimes be a very dark world, Good Good Good shares inspiring people, ideas, and movements that are shaping the world for the better.

Each day, they share a wide range of news articles sharing topics covering everything from positive climate change news to inspiring activists. They hope that by sharing these stories of everyday heroes, readers will be inspired to question how they can become heroes in their own lives.

Good Good Good also shares a monthly print ‘Goodnewspaper’, good news emails, and their Sounds Good podcast. They also have very inspiring social media pages that are worth checking out!

3. Tell Me The Good News ‒ a newcomer on the good news scene

A relative newcomer when it comes to positive news, Tell Me The Good News is a fantastic good news website sharing positive news and other inspiring articles covering a wide range of topics.

With something for everyone, no matter your interests, this exciting new website features articles covering everything from health to people, climate to technology, and much more.

If you’re feeling down and need something to lift your spirits, spending a quarter of an hour flicking through the articles on this website is sure to do the job!

Founded in 2022, it is just the beginning of Tell Me The Good News, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come from them in the future!

2. Positive News ‒ a well-established good news website

One of the biggest names in good news journalism, Positive News is undoubtedly one of the good news websites you need to check out.

Founded in 1993, Positive News is well-established when it comes to reporting good news stories. So, when visiting their website, you can rest assured they know what they’re talking about.

Positive News does not just work as an online publication, however. If you’d rather read your good news in print, they also distribute a quarterly Positive News magazine, filled with a round-up of all the good news stories from that quarter.

A UK-based organization, topics covered include everything from society, environment, lifestyle, science, and economics. All with a positive slant, of course.

1. Good News Network ‒ for plenty of ways to consume good news

Topping our list of good news websites you need to check out is Good News Network. Boasting almost as much longevity as Positive News, GNN was founded in 1997 and still boasts an impressive following to this day.

With well over 20,000 news stories currently online, you’ll have plenty to look through when you’re on the hunt for some good news to lift your mood. They even have an app and their Good News Gurus podcast for those who want to consume their good news in less traditional ways.

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