How to develop a site with Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the CSS framework. Which is very helpful in developing the Simple and Complex websites within a short period. One doesn’t...


Bootstrap is the CSS framework. Which is very helpful in developing the Simple and Complex websites within a short period. One doesn’t have to write thousands of lines of code to develop a website. As, Bootstrap is free and open source CSS framework, which contains multiple CSS classes. One can select whichever type they want to use and can be just implemented into your HTML code.  The developers are using these awesome shortcodes to develop websites within a short period and earning a lot more than other developers who don’t use bootstrap.

There are many new web developers who don’t know the role of Bootstrap in web development. Bootstrap is front-end development tool for front-end website designers. We can say that it’s great tool for designing and making mobile friendly website designs. Bootstrap contains all designing technique which can be used for development.

Types of Bootstrap

There are two types of bootstrap. One is Get Bootstrap and the other is Twitter Bootstrap. Both are easy to use but what mostly many of the developers prefer Get Bootstrap. There isn’t much difference between the two, but it depends on the person who is using.

Simple and understandable bootstrap structure.

I will try to explain the bootstrap in the simplest way. Let me share it in a simple and easy way to do it. That is a bootstrap’s files structure. Now we will talk about how to use or learn bootstrap.how to develop a site with bootstrap

How To Use Bootstrap

  1. First of all download, the bootstrap zip file from the bootstrap official site. (https://getbootstrap.com/).
  2. When you have downloaded the bootstrap zip file for design. Then you will get the folder into a bootstrap folder.
  3. In the first step, you should understand what kind of code is already written in bootstrap’s CSS files. And how to use in HTML. As before using bootstrap one must be familiar with CSS.
  4. Step two is going to the bootstrap official site and click the CSS menu and just have a look at the div classes like container and row etc. On their site, they provide all the looks and explanation.

Use of Bootstrap for beginner

When you will go to get bootstrap’s official site then click on the getting started menu and scroll down to find the basic template and copy all HTML code to start to make a new template, then save that file like index.html. You can see only one CSS file attached. You need to link bootstrap.css file to your basic template. Now you are ready to start bootstrap. Make a mockup in Photoshop and start to use bootstrap.

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