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How to Receive SMS OTP Verification Online?

Overtime services offering disposable numbers for quick online verifications have skyrocketed. Also, providing this Temp SMS Number is much safer than assigning...

How to Receive SMS OTP Verification Online? - Tricky Enough

Overtime services offering disposable numbers for quick online verifications have skyrocketed. Also, providing this Temp SMS Number is much safer than assigning original phone numbers. It could help you dodge those frustrating spam and unknown calls while allowing you to verify your online accounts hassle freely.

These numbers are best for (QA) quality assurance, permitting you to test the SMS delivery without actually buying the SIM card regardless of the country you visit.

Our motive to curate this post is to help you acquire in-depth knowledge about these Temp SMS Numbers. Read on to know what these are, their pros, and how it works to Receive SMS Online with ease.

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What is the Temp SMS Number?

A Temp SMS Number is a phone number rented out over the Internet on a real SIM. Such numbers are generally purchased to receive SMS online verification service without holding the burden of getting your data leaked over the Internet.

How does it work?

The entire process hardly takes five minutes to carry out.

  • Get a temporary number for the service and selected country.
  • Sign up for the service using the Temp SMS Number.
  • After signing up, you would receive a SMS online containing the one-time code.
  • Input the code received code and carry out the remaining registration process.


  • Temp SMS Number are cheap (starting from 10 cents per number)
  • You spend only for affirmation at the inquired service
  • Real SIM cards back up numbers
  • Available worldwide for varied services
  • KYC identification verification is not obligated
  • Allocated numbers are invariably unique per person per service.

In short, if you are opening an account online to avail yourself of any service, getting a temporary number will work fine. There is no need to get a real or virtual SIM card to receive SMS online.

Here is your ultimate guide on finding a temporary number.

Step 1: Obtain a Temporary Number

Several services providers over the internet retail temporary phone numbers, but only quality numbers are short in supply due to high demand.

How to Sign Up for Temp Number?

  1. Visit the website of the service provider you have selected.
  2. Sign up via Google or with your email address

Verifying email and input of personal information isn’t mandated while registering for Temp SMS Number. However, a personal email is prescribed if you would like to recover your password later.

Step 2: Top Up Your Balance

  • You can combine credits using:
  • Digital coins ( such as Perfect Money, WebMoney, PAYEER, etc.)
  • UPI app or a credit card
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Tether, etc.)

Step 3: Purchase a Temporary Number

After visiting the service provider’s website, get to their main page and select the country and the services you are willing to avail of from the options provided. For instance, Thailand for country and Facebook is a form of service.

After filling the options, the amount required to be paid and the assigned temporary number will be displayed, and you are a good go! Remember, these numbers are valid only for 20 minutes (on average) from the time of activation.

Step 4: Verify the Account (Using Facebook as an example)

Open the Facebook website and sign in using the Temp SMS Number. Once you are done entering the relevant info, you will receive an SMS online via Facebook for confirmation. So make sure you reopen the Temp Number page as soon as you fill-up the details and wait for the verification code.

The activation code would display once it’s received. Copy the code and rewrite the same in the requisite field on the Facebook website and perform your registration.

What if you Don’t Receive SMS Online?

Your elected service might not broadcast a text code if they assume the registration is skeptical, though it is a rare scenario. They might even inform you that the text was sent, although an internal security mechanism obstructed it.

Common Inferences Why You Didn’t Receive SMS Online

  • You register multiple accounts from the corresponding IP or browser, or device.
  • The country of the Temp SMS Number is different from your geolocation.
  • You got an alarming number that was delisted.
  • Temporary interface or SMS transmitter problems.
  • Internal defense block to block the listing of bots.

The number was previously registered (fraudulent SIM card provider).

Sadly, most of these problems are past our command. Even if a different temporary number is granted, it could yet be barred based on your location and former activity. But, by understanding these determinants, you can dodge recurred abortive trials and preserve valuable time.


We wish this report were valuable for you to comprehend everything about the temp SMS number. Make sure you follow these steps, get registered to your preferred service provider, and receive one today!


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