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15 Benefits Of Doing SMS Marketing

SMS marketing, also known as text marketing, is an extremely simple means of communicating with your potential customers. Unfortunately, it remains to...

doing SMS Marketing

SMS marketing, also known as text marketing, is an extremely simple means of communicating with your potential customers.

Unfortunately, it remains to be the most underutilized marketing tactic for businesses. But, based on statistics, did you know that many people prefer getting offers via SMS? In fact, according to eMarketer.com, mobile offers are redeemed more frequently than print offers.

So, whether you’re running a small or a big business, you won’t regret implementing bulk SMS messaging. Just make sure to know what is an SMS API first and expect to enjoy the following benefits of SMS marketing:

1. Reach More Potential Customers

Since a lot of people are using mobile devices these days, one of the benefits of SMS marketing is enabling you to reach more potential customers. Rather than focusing on a certain marketing strategy that could reach a limited audience, SMS marketing reaches everybody.

As long as your potential customers have mobile devices that can receive SMS, they’ll enjoy the messages you’re sending them. Just take note that your SMS content is relevant and related to what they need and what you offer.

2. Higher Open Rate Than Emails

Another benefit of SMS marketing is the fact that texts are opened up often once received by your customers. This means that SMS has a higher open rate than other advertising options.

Unlike SMS, emails get lost easily in the spam folder and it’s simple for customers to throw away the fliers they pick up at the mall. However, with today’s prevalence of mobile phones, SMS marketing doesn’t often go ignored.

3. Works With Other Types Of Marketing

If you’re currently using other kinds of marketing like social media marketing, SMS marketing pairs well with other avenues. One form of marketing can direct information conveyed through another channel, or you can coordinate reminders for events and products through simultaneous releases through various channels. Social media in particular already allows you to share posts via text, so the functionality is very easy to integrate into your marketing campaign

4. Improve Communication

The key to building a long-term relationship with your customers is communication. The best thing about SMS is that it’s a personal message from your business to your customers, allowing you to communicate directly and easily and make yourself accessible to your audience.

For example, let some of your customers in on a secret sale via SMS and then, later, send a thank you message after they’ve purchased or informed them of any other offers. Overall, SMS marketing is a reliable, easy, and fast way to communicate with your customers.

5. Cost-Effective

It doesn’t really cost much to send a text to customers. Even when sending it to lots of people, the cost isn’t the problem. Generally, it’s more affordable once you compare it to some marketing options like purchasing Facebook ads. It makes SMS marketing a good choice for every business out there, especially those who are just getting started and searching for ways to start advertising without spending a lot in one go.

In comparison to traditional marketing, SMS marketing can be an inexpensive communication method. It’ll help your business tighten your budgeting belt, which you can use on other marketing strategies that may boost your business growth.

6. Opt-In Or Opt-Out

There are strict regulations regarding text marketing which, in this case, provides customers with an easy exit strategy if they are no longer which to receive promotional messages. The opt-in and opt-out function is very simple, typically just responding to a text with a specific keyword that removes them from a messaging list, which makes SMS far less intrusive than some other marketing channels. This helps your potential customers to feel better about your brand.

7. Greater Return On Investment (ROI)

One of the crucial metrics to measure how effective your marketing efforts are is ROI. Once done right, SMS marketing has a greater ROI. For instance, you can attract more potential customers by sending a text message about your great deals. Just ensure to provide complete details about your deals or upcoming sale period.

Once executed with careful strategy and planning, SMS marketing has strong potential. Thus, to make the most of SMS marketing, it’s important to ensure that your efforts in SMS marketing are aligned with your marketing initiatives and strategy.

8. Improves Customer Engagement

SMS marketing doesn’t only provide you the option to engage with your customers, but also it provides your customers with a way to engage with you and your business. It also allows them to feel that your business is accessible. It makes your business more of a part of their lives rather than being a one-stop-shop to go sometimes. So, instead, you’re there with them on their mobile devices, prompting them to remember you.

9. Flexibility And Speed

Your business will have to adapt to the daily fluidity of modern business. Flexibility is the key to such constant adaptations. SMS marketing has zero lead time, enabling communication to be delivered and created to the target audience within a few minutes.

10. More Personalized Communication

Text messaging may be personalized depending on your customer base. They may also be delivered to their pockets within seconds. This kind of personalization may be built around anything from their name to their purchasing demographic or behavior. They may even be location-based, creating messages based on various regions or stores.

11. Can Be Integrated With Your Marketing Campaigns Easily

Another primary benefit of SMS marketing is the potential it has once you integrate it into your marketing campaigns. It’s known that traditional media and social media aren’t always effective ways to reach your customers on time. But, if you integrate SMS with some other marketing methods, you can get the SMS straight to your customers with links to longer-form posts to ensure that they know what you can offer them.

12. Build Loyal Customers

A good channel to build loyal customers and engage with them can be done through SMS marketing. So, offer information about your company and offer your customers promotions if you feel the need. It makes your clients or customers feel appreciated by keeping them the focus of your business. If you give more to your customers, you’ll also get more from them.

13. Limitless Potential

To keep more long-term clients, SMS marketing is the key point. Text messages will provide your business with a voice without being demanding while getting more personal. For example, it might be a thank you message after offering deals. Such messages are guaranteed to be read.

Text messages are very short so, unlike emails, the messages are straight to the point and your message will go straight to the pockets of customers. This means that, even if they just see the text briefly, the text will more efficiently communicate any information you are sharing with your customers.

14. Deliver Exclusivity

SMS subscribers may give you access to their private world and a direct telephone number that has come with responsibility and great power. You owe it to them to make them feel exclusive and privileged. As a small business owner, you’re best placed to do it as you’re flexible, able to perfect the messages to suit your client base and have a better understanding of your customers.

15. Fast Delivery

In SMS marketing, there’s no waiting time. Once you press the send button, you’ll be certain that your customers will get your message straight away. The advantages of SMS marketing shine here since this type of advertising requires little preparation time. There aren’t any materials to gather. There are also no designs you need to create. You don’t even need to contact any professionals to send a text message. All you need to do is to make a message and send it to your customers.

Best Practices You Should Follow With SMS Marketing

SMS marketing works best if you know how to leverage its superpower as part of a multichannel and integrated effort that combines physical prompts, social media, email marketing, and optimized landing pages.

If you want to get the best results with SMS marketing, below are the things you should know:

  • Keep It Short And Concise – With SMS, you only have 160 characters. That’s why you must get to the point and avoid using long links. Keeping it short and concise is the key to effective SMS marketing.
  • Segment Your List Of Subscribers – Integrate your CRM with your messaging service to provide customers with the most relevant and personalized experience possible.
  • Don’t Forget The CTA – Your SMS marketing campaigns won’t give you results if you forget about including a CTA, or call to action. A CTA will help your prospects understand what they should do next or how they can take action.


SMS marketing has lots of benefits. From being cost-effective to enabling you to reach a wider demographic, you can be assured that SMS marketing can play an important role in your business. Just make sure to do it right and never hesitate to take advantage of the available SMS marketing tools available in the market.


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