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List of some Most Popular Databases in the world

What is a Database? The database is a list of records/Information that is arranged in a tabular form and is stored in...

What is a Database?

The database is a list of records/Information that is arranged in a tabular form and is stored in the computer system. This data could be updated or changed as needed. Also, the Database Management System ( DBMS) is a database creation and maintenance tool. The DBMS offers a structured mechanism for data collection, maintenance, updating, and development to users and also for programmers. Here we will tell some of the most popular databases in the world.

1. Oracle Database

Oracle Database is the world’s most famous relational database Management system (RDBMS)and this database was developed by Oracle Corporation. This Database is not only RDBMS, it also includes some features for Storage like web server, Graph DBMS, Main Storage, Journal, and Word & PDF Storage. Oracle has just introduced an automated feature that enables the databases to be smart or self-managing.

A relational database Management system (RDBMS) contains data in an organized form with columns and rows. In the RDBMS table column has to be represented by the attribute entity and also the rows of the same RDBMS table that stores the records of that table.

2. MySQL

MySQL is also one of the most popular & useable open source Databases and also freely available Databases in the world. a MySQL Database was acquired by the Oracle corporation as a part of the takeover of Sun Microsystem in the year of 2009. In this MySQL, “MySQL” is called “Structured Query Language.” SQL is by far the world’s most popular and standardized language used for accessing databases. MySQL is an Appropriate programming environment and here you can enter indirectly on SQL Server and SQL queries in a programming code that is written in a different language, It uses a language-specifier API that can hide all the SQL written syntax.

3. SQL Server

The Microsoft company has developed this SQL database server and this server is the world’s demanding and most popular database. Initially introduced in 1989 this database is written in C and C++, and Now, this SQL Server is now commonly used by large corporations. Now, This SQL Database is a part of the Microsoft Azure platform as an Azure SQL Database Server. This Database is also the same previous two databases. Oracle & MySQL, SQL Database Server is also RDBMS.

4. Altibase

It is also an enterprise-grade server and has a high-performance and scalable open-source database server. Altibase has more than 650 corporate customers including the 8th Global 500 list firms, and has 6,000 critical apps that have been introduced in different industries. Standards compliant have to provide Oracle Corp. that have to do powerful task control and allows many users to access this same database.

5. MongoDB

 MongoDB would be a cross-platform database server and this is also a document-based database that provides very high performance high availability, and fast scalability. This is a database server type for NoSQL. It’s one of the most popular and usable NoSQL databases. MongoDB has a modular framework that can be quickly updated and expanded instead of just a SQL database. The schema could be created without any downtime.

6. DB2

DB2 is also one of the famous databases that have been developed by IBM Company. This is generally developed to store, examine, and extract data effectively. DB2 follows the relational data model. Now several services have been expanded to support object-related functionality and non-relational models such as JSON and XML etc. DB2 Express-C was the newest version of this DB2 Database.

7. Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access Database is a server that has been published by Microsoft. It Combines this same behavior as the Microsoft Jet database system with the same graphical user interface as well as the same software developing tool. Microsoft Access manages its table data, searches, forms, files, plugins, and modules throughout the Access Jet server as one file system. Due to its versatility and place within the Microsoft ecosystem, Microsoft Access training has become a popular option for many professionals.

8. Redis Database 

Redis Database is the open-source, in-memory specific data storage server that is used as a storage, cache, or document Store. This is to Support all of the data structures including the strings, hashes, queues, tables, ordered tables with nonlinear functions, bitmaps, hyperlogs, and geographic information systems indexes with distance queries and flows. It’s being used to create high-performance and scaleable application software.

9. ElasticSearch

ElasticSearch is often a search engine that is based on the library of Lucena. It was a real-time, centralized, open-source, full database, and analysis engine. It offers a centralized, highly scalable, full-text search application via an HTTP web service and syntax-free JSON data.

10. PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL stands for post-degree-QL. This is also an open-source Relational database management system(RDBMS) program founded by a multinational number of volunteers. PostgreSQL has been established by the Berkeley C.S.E. Department, University of California.

Companies that use PostgreSQL mostly all databases: Apple, IBM, Toshiba, Yahoo Messenger, IMDb, etc.

11. MariaDB

This MariaDB database is open source and free of charge, along with many some other free products, MariaDB Database is also sold in premium versions. There are some connectivity options for this, and it’s the quickest expanding open-source platform that is available.

This MariaDB database allows users to select from a different storage server and this database uses sources that help to increase the high performance of the server and processing and flexibility. This MariaDB is highly compatible with MySQL Database. It’s a decrease in replacing of the approximate solution of commands or APIs as most of MySQL app developers have been involved with some of its creation.


This Database is Developed by SAP SE and SAP HANA would be a column-oriented relational database server that can manage both SAP and semi-SAP info. This Database is designed to store information data from apps as well as other resource materials across various storage areas. To allow users can database from physical Databases, it could also be organized from its cloud.


There is a list lot of famous database servers that you have to select from one of them, which indicates that you are essentially sure to find one that meets your requirements. Due largely to a range of outstanding free choices, small and medium-sized businesses will also be able to identify a DBMS.

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