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Top 10 Popular PHP Frameworks For website development

What is PHP? PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is stood for one of the Server-side Scripting or Programming language that allows website designers...

PHP Frameworks For website development

What is PHP?

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is stood for one of the Server-side Scripting or Programming language that allows website designers to construct interactive features that communicate with servers or Databases. PHP is essentially used to build web-based software programs and applications. PHP launched out as a very small open source platform project that grew and while a used lot of more people learned how valuable it had been. with the help of Php frameworks, it becomes easy for programmers to perform his task. Rasmus Lerdorf released a new first version of Php or Hypertext Preprocessor in 1994. 

PHP helps a Lot to provide the best platform for students as well as business professionals of becoming a great and successful software engineers, especially so if working in the industry of software development or Web Development.

PHP provides a wide range of main protocols, including POP3 and IMAP, etc. PHP4 provided support of Java and Distributed interfaces that help to make n-tier web development possible for the very first time.

PHP is a very famous server-side scripting language that is implemented in HTML. This is used to handle complex content, databases, client tracking, and also with the help of this you can create an entire e-commerce website or web page. These are integrated into a lot of famous databases, such as MySQL, No SQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, SQL, MongoDB Oracle, SAP Sybase ASE, Informix, Teradata, and Microsoft SQL Server, etc.

What is a PHP Framework?

PHP is the most useable and very popular Programming Language at that time. The PHP Framework is a very simple platform that enables everyone to build their web applications. Php is used to provide the web structure of web site and web application. While we using the PHP Frameworks then you would also probably wind up the time saved and you should enable you to try to stop the same need to generate any repetitive code and so you’ll be able to develop applications quickly or Rapid Application Development (RAD). 

You’re also going to try and make a connection among your database and then you able whatever web application that you have to develop from start to finish. In the meantime, using the PHP Framework is allows makes things simpler for you to secure the above connection. PHP FrameWork is a set of applications or systems that causes simple programming and application execution. It allows the programmer that they can reach goals in a limited amount of time. If your written PHP code is integrated with the PHP framework then you can do more with PHP technical and coding skills.

Why and When to use the Php Frameworks?

There are so many ways of PHP Frameworks that this always depends upon the programmer. When you’re a Professional PHP Developer then you’re more than likely to be using a different level of Php framework than as compared to a beginner. These PHP frameworks help to eliminate repetitious coding and systematize our application-building process. If you have to work on developing any web application then you need to use this PHP framework. PHP Frameworks are very popular and useful weapons for a much more effective scripting programming language that helps you modify your program code in a very organized and efficient manner.

All People have various preferences and requirements. Everyone seems to be trying to implement a structure for speeding up this same programming coding process with one programmer seems like a lot of effort with another. Almost all of the time and this varies depending on what degree of proficiency you have; whether you’re a beginner or advanced level programmer, PHP frameworks were already put into effect that will save your time and decrease your workload.

Some Best Ph.D. frameworks

Choosing the correct web development PHP frameworks to build any business web application that can be a very tough and challenging task, since there are a lot of many alternatives available. We have been using the Laravel framework regularly. We have also employed and checked other PHP programming systems. However, a few other advanced services and capabilities were needed. We provide a list of the best Following Frameworks:


Laravel is a web-based programming application platform with an interactive, elegant Programming language syntax. It is one of the best PHP Frameworks for developing the web application We conclude that creation would have to be an exciting, creative process to be fully satisfying. Laravel is attempting to take the pressure out of web development by reducing standard activities found in most website development projects, including authentication, browsing, sessions, and cache. Laravel Framework focuses on making the creation process appealing to the customer, without compromising the quality of the program. A website or web application developer has the best technology. Towards this point, Laravel has started to integrate it’s very much we’ve found with other application architectures, especially these Laravel frameworks introduced in many other languages, including Ruby’s, or ASP.NET MVC.

Why we use Laravel Framework?

  • Laravel is useful for developing web applications with specific backend web development specifications, either large or small. The deployment of Laravel was made simpler with the launch of Homestead, a freshly prepared Packaged and most other-in-one vagrant box.
  • This is a PHP platform full of tools that can help you configure complex web applications.
  • Laravel is easily interactive or expensive and its performance and protection will be in line with the standards of typical web apps. Web developers who would like to create B2B or corporate websites that can develop to change the consumer web trends.

Symphony Framework

Symphony Framework was released in 2005 and, while it has been in effect for far longer than some other platforms on another Php Framework list this is a secure and advanced framework. Symfony is a very powerful PHP framework and that is the only application established to implement PHP and web applications. Symfony attempts to speed up the development maintenance and implementation of web apps and avoid repetitive coding activities. This also is targeted at developing stable applications inside an organizational framework and their aim to allow developers to take full control of over setup from their directory hierarchy to global databases and almost all things can be well configured and well Customized.

Why we use the Symphony Framework?

  • Symphony is the best choice for all web developers of very large-scale interior designing projects. It’s very simple to install and customize on certain platforms and also very simple to maintain.
  • This Framework is reusable PHP features. It also enjoys SQL database freedom, and this is the most reliable this needs to comply with most of the other platform quality standards and design standards, and this enables integration from other provider databases.
  • Symfony Framework is also quite flexible and it can also be combined with some big projects such as Drupal. Symphony and Laravel have several different and special features that make it impossible to tell which of the above systems is good.

Cake PHP Framework

When you are searching for the best toolkit that is very simple to use and well customized and elegant then you come to the right place. Cake PHP can allow you to create visually stunning, feature-loaded websites. In contrast, Cake PHP is now one of the simplest learning frameworks because of this CRUD, and CRUD is creating, reading, editing, and deleting a system. Cake PHP entered the market at the end of the 2000s, and it has since received great efficiency and performance and several new components. Some main features have to include a modern PHP framework, fast installs, good class heritage, authentication, and security. Cake PHP offers useful documents, a variety of support sites, and premium services by Cake PHP Design Corporation.

Zend Framework

The Zend PHP framework seems to be a perfect object-oriented PHP framework, and the reality that this uses features including such functionalities, inheritance, and heritage tends to make it extensible. These were developed on an agile method that helps you deliver top high-quality web applications to business customers Zend is easily scalable and complies with Php to some quality standards and it essential aspect for developers who do choose to implement projects’ specific features and functions. Zend Framework is a very good Framework for designing complex web apps and enterprise-level projects. It is the ideal platform for broad IT companies and corporations. A few other main aspects include MVC parts, simple cloud APIs, some data encryption techniques, and session key management Protocol.

Fuel PHP Framework

Fuel PHP is also a very flexible PHP framework and full-stack PHP framework that was first published in 2011. Apart from this following the architectural features of an MVC, it has its variant known as the hierarchical model vision control (HMVC). Except for MVC, HMVC does not require redundant data to be displayed on various pages. And it requires less effort and memory reallocation. Fuel PHP allows web designers to deliver these end-to-end responsive websites of varying sizes and complexity. Some Main aspects also provide HMVC development, and best implementation, Web address URL routing, security vulnerabilities security, and cache and protection of the system.

CodeIgniter Framework

CodeIgniter is designed for low size and it is just around 2 Mb. CodeIgniter is a PHP platform ideal for the creation of interactive websites. It offers various preconfigured kits that help to create durable and reliable components. CodeIgniter framework is very light in weight and a very easy-to-install PHP framework as compared to other PHP frameworks. Especially in comparison to other Php frameworks, it is very easy to install and set up on the system and this detailed documentation is suitable for beginners. 

Phalcon Framework

Phalcon is a full-stack developed Php framework that uses the MVC web network architecture system design model, and Phalcon were initially written in programming languages like C++, C, and Java, and Phalcon framework published in 2012. Because it’s provided as a C-extension and we wouldn’t have to think about understanding the computer programming language of C. In contrast to those other Php frameworks, Phalcon enhances efficiency due to its excellent use of memory. When you’re looking to set up a fast-loading website, please give you the Phalcon framework try.

PH-pixie Framework

This Ph pixie Framework is introduced in the year 2012 and this framework is just like same as the other Php Framework like Fuel PHP, PH Pixie wants to implement the model structure of the HMVC. Its idea was to build a high-performance Php framework structure for publish-only websites. It’s fast and very easy to get going with PH Pixie, which would be ideal for new social networking websites, some customizable web apps, and web app design services. The main features of this Ph Pixie include the HMVC architectural design and this standard ORM i.e. object-relational mapping and privacy and security validation, authorization capability, encryption, and cache. PH Pixie is designed by using a component separately. That is why you should do use this framework without the system itself.

YII Framework

Yii Framework is also open-source and this framework is very light in weight as compared to all other Php Frameworks. All the PHP frameworks are used for developing the entire web app are very much faster. It speeds up the web creation of the application easily. YII framework is a Chinese name Product and that this is the term for this mean is “Yes It Is” and which means very easy and more evolutionary. It is ideal for any type of project that delivers highly efficient output. This Php Framework is an effective console tool. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you have access to the command-line interface to create a beautiful web application. YII 1.0 was initially introduced on 3 December 2008. Also, some extended versions of 1.0 have come into this existence. This Framework also supported PHP version 5.1.0 well above. Yii Framework 1.0 Maintenance was stopped after two years on December 31, 2010.


Slim is another PHP framework that is used to develop powerful web applications and APIs. Just like other frameworks, it is easy to learn and use. Key features include client-side HTTPS caching, Routing, session, and cookie encryption.


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