Apple Launches Vision Pro Feb 2, 2024: Unveils a New Experience in Virtual Reality

Apple Launches Vision Pro

Finally, the wait is over, Apple Vision Pro has been launched. Which was Announced on June 5, 2023, Apple Vision Pro has finally made its appearance in the market costing a whopping $3500 bringing as much anticipation and excitement as was expected. But the question arises if it’s worth it. Will people buy this product? And what changes does it bring to the tech world?

We discussed about Apple Vision Pro Early Launch in January as well.

Although the product has received a mixed response from the audience so far, let’s take a deep dive into the product.

Spatial Computing

Apple has highly emphasized the product not being a VR (Virtual Reality) but Spatial Computing, pulling itself out of the industrial conversation of VR and AR ( Augmented Reality).

What is Spatial Computing?

Spatial computing is like bringing the digital world into our everyday space, making technology feel more human. It’s about seamlessly blending our real surroundings with virtual elements through cool tech like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Imagine not just looking at a screen but interacting with digital stuff in the world around you. It’s like making technology feel more natural and part of our daily lives. So, with spatial computing, it’s not just about screens; it’s about creating an experience that feels real, immersive, and, well, just plain awesome!

Man using Spatial Computing
MCU Iron Man 2

A good example of spatial computing being used by characters is often found in Sci-fiction movies like Iron Man and MCU movies.

Although Vision Pro is in its initial stages and has not yet reached a level where the UX ( User Experience) could meet our expectations from when we hear spatial computing. Apple still has a long road to catch up to.

User Experience

The users receive an immersive experience to some describe it as a “revolutionary encounter”.

Apple’s most craziest, most radical, possibly dystopian products of all time.

Marques Brownlee
MKBHD reviewed the Vision Pro

The Vision Pro comes with a 3166Ah (35.9Wh) battery which lasts for only about 2-4 hours.
It includes a fixed four-foot cable with a distinctive locking connector, providing a secure and seamless connection to the headset.

After a round of collaboration process, the device seamlessly combines Spatial Computing and Virtual Reality. Immerse yourself in an iOS virtual experience with various Apple apps compatible with the Vision Pro.


So far we have VR headsets like the Quest 3 by Meta, HTC Vive Focus Plus, Rayban smart glasses by Meta, Playstation VR 2 by Sony and to name a few. But Apple’s Vision Pro has not only raised the competition but has brought an innovation to work around the VR industry, which in their words they have called “spatial computing”.

Will anyone buy the latest Launched Apple Vision Pro?

Although Apple has not done much marketing, but the product has received much attention and criticism from the audience. From news journals to Tech YouTubers to Apple Enthusiasts.

The question remains whether anyone would buy it. or if bought, would someone show interest in wearing an uncomfortable gadget? Is it flashy enough?

“Nerd Goggles


Facing mixed reviews, the Vision Pro’s market fate remains uncertain. Yet, it sparks a fresh perspective in the VR realm, stirring curiosity.

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