Apple Vision Pro Set for Early Launch in January

As per reports, Apple is gearing up to train in-store staff for the sales of its forthcoming Vision Pro mixed reality headset....

As per reports, Apple is gearing up to train in-store staff for the sales of its forthcoming Vision Pro mixed reality headset. The training sessions are scheduled for mid-January, aligning with internal expectations for the launch within the same month. This preparation underscores Apple’s strategic focus on ensuring a seamless introduction of the highly anticipated Vision Pro headset.

Apple Vision Pro – Early launch

Revealed at WWDC in June, Apple has consistently affirmed the release of its highly anticipated mixed reality headset in “early 2024.” However, a specific launch date is yet to be disclosed. Recent reports indicate that staff training is on the horizon, set for mid-January. This involves select employees attending a two-day seminar at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters. Moreover, it hints at the company’s meticulous preparations for the headset’s impending debut.

Apple Vision Pro

The report suggests that the setup process for Apple Vision Pro will be intricate, demanding personalized customization for each user. Unnamed sources have informed that although customers can reserve Vision Pro online. Apple is considering promoting in-store pickup to assist and guide customers through this potentially complex setup process. This strategy underscores Apple’s commitment to ensuring a seamless and tailored experience for users adopting the Vision Pro mixed reality headset.

Given the ‘pro’ price tag of $3,500, Apple is understandably taking extra precautions to prevent common pitfalls new VR users face. Key considerations, such as achieving a comfortable (but not excessively snug) fit for prolonged use and positioning the headset’s lenses in the ‘sweet spot’ for optimal clarity, are crucial aspects during the initial experience—especially with Apple Vision Pro. This attention to detail reflects Apple’s commitment to ensuring a smooth, user-friendly introduction to their high-end mixed reality headset.

Apple Developer Lab

In preparation for Vision Pro, Apple discreetly guides developers through hands-on experiences with the hardware at designated ‘Developer Lab’ locations. Moreover, these labs are strategically located in London, Cupertino, Munich, Tokyo, Shanghai, New York City, Singapore, and Sydney.

While developers have some early access to the hardware, building a substantial library of mixed reality content on the App Store will undoubtedly be a gradual and iterative process. Apple is on a journey to reach a critical mass of developers. It paves the way for a more affordable and consumer-friendly headset that encapsulates the impressive features demonstrated in our initial hands-on experience with Vision Pro in June.


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