Nimo OS: A Pocket-Sized Spatial Computer

Nimo, a spatial computer, comprises Nimo Glasses and Nimo Core for enhanced productivity. However, running on Nimo OS, the software and hardware collaborate for a seamless multitasking adventure. The Nimo glasses project about six virtual screens in various sizes and depths into the room, resembling bulky sunglasses. Technical details include:

  • The highest resolution is 1,920×1,080 pixels per eye.
  • A 45-degree area of view.
  • A 3-hour battery life.

The Nimo Core, similar in size to the Airpods Pro case, easily fits in pockets. Powered by Snapdragon XR2, 8GB RAM, and 128GB storage, it supports Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 6. The efficient rendering system minimizes memory usage and CPU, reducing heat generation. However, its portability ensures a private digital workspace on the go, with virtual screens not visible to others.

Nimo OS

Nimo OS is built on the Android

The Nimo Core also functions as an input machine, featuring a trackpad & a pointing device for accessing desktop apps on Nimo OS. Users can enhance work capabilities by pairing a keyboard and mouse with the calculating unit via Bluetooth.

Nimo OS is built on Android and Linux and leverages the Android ecosystem, providing access to over 1,000 productivity-enhancing apps. Additionally, Windows and Mac support is available through Remote Desktop or USB-C.

Nimo Planet CEO Rohildev Nattukallingal notes, “Professionals working across various locations daily often compromise productivity and workspace while juggling tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Nimo is transforming this dynamic by implementing spatial computing in a special, streamlined way, offering an enterprise workspace that suits your pocket.”

Presently in beta, the product has yet to be made available for purchase, but curious parties can secure a place on the authorized website for future acquisition. Nimo decided its price, and users can get it at $1,299 plus tax.


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