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Do you have a soft corner for people in need? Is your inner voice also telling you to help homeless people or...

Do you have a soft corner for people in need? Is your inner voice also telling you to help homeless people or someone who is not independent? Beam is a tech platform where you can change others’ lives. Let’s know more about it.

How did Beam originate?

A few years back, Alex Stephany befriended a homeless man outside his local North London tube station, sparking a moment of inspiration. In response, it emerged in 2017 with a clear mission: transforming long-term support for homeless individuals.

Beam, an online crowdfunding platform, lets you directly donate to someone in need. You can track their progress toward a career, a stable home, or both, knowing they’re also receiving top-notch support.


How does it support people in the long term?

As the business idea took shape, Alex saw the potential to extend Beam’s impact. He envisioned how Beam could revolutionize support for refugees and prison leavers, ensuring no one is left behind.

Unlike other platforms, it doesn’t bombard you with potentially silly requests. With Beam, your donation goes straight to making a real and positive impact on someone’s life.

And it’s working. A remarkable 82% of Beam’s beneficiaries have transitioned into paid employment after their crowdfunding campaigns. That’s compared to 31% of the DWP’s Work & Health Programme.

How much money have they raised till now, and what’s its future?

Beam’s candidates start with an impressive average salary of £24,650, well above London’s living wage. Kudos to the Beam team for getting people into work and landing quality jobs to transform their lives genuinely.

So far, this platform has helped 1,000 homeless individuals find jobs and homes, generating £3.5 million in crowdfunded donations.

The future looks promising for Beam, aiming to be one of the world’s most impactful companies. This year, they made waves by teaming up with Revolut and securing partnerships with top-notch employers like Bupa, Pret, and Arriva. Plus, they snagged a spot on LinkedIn’s Top 15 UK startups in 2022. We’re eager to see Beam’s growth and the countless lives they’ll continue to brighten.


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