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The Latest Shopify Features You Must Know About

eCommerce businesses with their online stores on Shopify must stay up-to-date with the latest Shopify trends. Not just them, but those who...

The Latest Shopify Features You Must Know About

eCommerce businesses with their online stores on Shopify must stay up-to-date with the latest Shopify trends. Not just them, but those who are planning to go for Shopify development services should also know what’s new on this platform.

E-commerce companies across the globe are still choosing Shopify for their e-store development. The reason behind this is pretty obvious, Shopify continues to improve its functionalities to meet modern users’ expectations comprehensively.

In this blog, we will shed light on some of these top updates and features of Shopify. Learn about them and hire Shopify developers today.

Top Shopify Features and Updates

The online shopping industry is growing rapidly by the day, all thanks to the rising eCommerce technologies. This is why you must stay on top of the newest techs and trends to give your business an edge.

For Shopify users, meeting their customers’s demands becomes relatively easier since Shopify keeps on introducing new features. Here are five of these features that make Shopify worth choosing. Check these out below.

1. One-Page Checkout

Online shoppers don’ t have too much time to spend on one page or one store, especially with the countless options available. So, the faster and more convenient you make the shopping experience for your customers, the higher your chances of increasing your sales.

With Shopify’ s one-page checkout, you can now allow buyers to load the checkout page faster and complete a purchase effortlessly. This prevents them from getting distracted or leaving the product unpurchased. One-page checkout is likely to prompt shoppers to go through with it.

The one-page checkout feature will include four main steps for easy checkout. The first step will be adding all important information like name, address, email, etc. Next, the user will choose a shipping method followed by their preferred payment gateway, and then order confirmation.

2. Enhanced Search Functionality

When you ask your dedicated software development team to build your online store on Shopify, you will also benefit from enhanced search functionality. This is the latest and smartest search capability of Shopify that makes searching for products easier for buyers.

The improved search functionality means Shopify has gotten better at offering product recommendations based on what is being typed. Additionally, it can also understand misspelled words easily to guide potential customers to the exact product page they intended to.

Giving your customers a better search function boosts overall customer satisfaction and helps speed up the shopping process. Thus, it is arguably the most important feature update that Shopify has introduced this year. So, choose Shopify development services for your business.

3. Shopify Magic for AI-Generated Content

It is not a surprise that the growing popularity of generative AI tools has influenced Shopify processes as well. Shopify has introduced Shopify Magic which is designed to create unique and informative content for your store using minimal inputs as prompts.

Shopify Magic lets you generate accurate product descriptions and other relevant content within no time making it easier to market your products faster. Moreover, this feature helps you save the money and time needed to hire professional writers to work on your content requirements.

Lastly, this AI-powered content tool can generate intelligent content that is not only accurate but also matches your brand’ s voice. You can add prompts smartly and shape your content in a way that speaks of your brand’ s tone and helps you connect with your target audience instantly.

4. Better B2B Features

The next great feature of Shopify to know about is a beneficial one for B2B commerce. The custom and improved B2B features by Shopify include curated catalogs, custom checkouts, and more. All these features aim at customizing the experience for a business’ s B2B customers.

Another one of these features is quantity rules. This feature allows you to set a minimum or maximum order quantity. This way you can sell effectively to different wholesalers. Further, catalog curation lets your customers create a custom product catalog as per their requirements.

If you sell to wholesalers, then these new custom features by Shopify are everything you need to build and maintain a customer base. You can hire Shopify experts to build your personalized e-store and learn more about these B2B features.

5. Create Product Bundles Seamlessly

One of the most tempting ways to sell online is to create bundles and offer them to customers at bargain prices. But for e-store owners combining these bundles and listing them doesn’t come easy. Luckily, Shopify has now come up with a feature that seamlessly creates product bundles.

You can avail of this feature to produce bundles of products you are planning to sell and let customers shop for them at discounted prices. This is a great way to attract more customers and increase your sales and eventually revenue.

By opting for this flexible discounting feature, you can create custom promotions that help you grow your business. Moreover, Shopify has also built new discount apps and will soon release bundling apps as well. You can use these apps to lure in new customers faster than before.

Why Choose Shopify for e-Store Development?

With so many powerful eCommerce platforms available today, it can be tricky to decide which one to go for. Since we have discussed the top features of Shopify above, allow us to tell you why you should choose this platform.

1. Easy to Setup and Use

The first and perhaps the most common reason to choose Shopify is the fact that it is very easy to set up. Business owners, regardless of whether or not they know how to use Shopify can learn and set up their Shopify store easily. Not only this, but it is also very easy to operate.

This ease of use and setting offered by Shopify makes it easier for businesses to build their store faster and launch it in the market.

2. Seamless App Integration

Today, you cannot launch your store without integrating it with other prominent applications and expect it to succeed. Many online stores need to be integrated with other apps like payment modes, etc. Shopify makes app integration seamless enhancing your store’ s performance.

You can hire a Shopify developer to quickly integrate all the necessary applications required for your business.

3. Unparalleled SEO Benefits

SEO or search engine optimization is important to enhance your store’ s visibility. Shopify comes with great SEO functionality which lets you boost your marketing efforts significantly without having to do too much. Thus, Shopify might help your store rank higher on search engines.

However, if you are doing your Shopify store’ s SEO yourself, you need some basic understanding to take the right steps.

4. Mobile Responsive

According to Statistica, mobile e-commerce sales reached $2.2 trillion in 2023. This is more than enough to prove how important it is to build a mobile-responsive store. Fortunately, Shopify comes with a plethora of mobile responsive themes for you to choose from.

You can choose one of these themes and build mobile-optimized stores so that your potential customers can shop from you anywhere, anytime.

5. 24/7 Customer Support

One more important reason to choose Shopify is the fact that it comes with outstanding customer support. You can get round-the-clock support from Shopify experts on any issue you might face on this eCommerce platform.

Shopify store owners like you can reach out to Shopify’s customer support team via email, call, or even live chat instantly.

To Sum It Up

When it comes to e-commerce development, Shopify is surely one of the first names that pops up. Why? Because over the years Shopify has grown tremendously to offer top-notch functionalities to its users. As of now, it has already introduced some great features.

Some of these are the inclusion of Shopify Magic, an AI tool to generate relevant content, the one-page checkout function, etc. By choosing to hire Shopify developers and building your store on this platform, you can leverage the power of these features and more.


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