Bluesky Starter Pack: Everything About the New Feature 

Bluesky Starter Pack: Everything About the New Feature 

Bluesky Starter Pack has been introduced on the platform to assist users in creating curated and customised feeds. 

It can be quite daunting for new users to find accounts they resonate with or find interesting. This new feature aims to combat this by enabling users to find content that aligns with the users’ interests. This in turn creates a more personalised and curated feed. 

However, new users are not the only ones who can access this new feature. Existing Bluesky users can also utilise this feature. Users can add up to 50 accounts as well as 3 custom feeds. 

Bluesky Starter Pack and how to access it 

Users can use starter packs by scanning a QR code shared by someone with the feature. Users can also access this feature by publishing a post containing the link to the starter pack. Bluesky stated that the feature is currently unavailable on the searches so users have to use other methods to access the feature. 

Other customisation tools such as restricting conversations to specific people and the ability to discover even more accounts and feeds in the search and explore section were recently introduced.

Starter packs will start rolling out on the Bluesky app on Android, iOS and desktop. 

Bluesky is a social media platform created by X’s former CEO, Jack Dorsey in 2021. The app previously had an invite-only system to create an account on the platform but it has now dropped this system, thus allowing an easier way of signing up. 


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