Why Social Media Is Important For Business Marketing To Grow Globally?

Why Social Media Is Important For Business Marketing To Grow Globally?

Millions of people are into using social networks every single day, for many reasons. It is used to stay in touch with friends or seek advice to purchase something, personal enrichment, and spend leisure time.

So, there is no need to be surprised when you see consumer behavior that has been affected by social media. Businesses should absolutely utilize these social platforms to grow their company.

A study shows that social media users worldwide have reached the number of 4.2 billion in January 2021k and the U.S has 82% of the population who use the social media platforms frantically. 

As a business owner it is quite hard for you to believe the numbers on the screen, but let me make this clear, this is just the start of social media getting popular. As an owner, you must find a way to contact these huge amounts of people interacting online.

Why Social Media?

A business owner must know about social media platforms and how they can be a strategic tool to enlighten your product, pictures basically overall brand recognition. 

Build an e-commerce platform. There are ways that should be followed to use social media for a business.

  1. Keep looking for customers and keep boosting their engagements.

2. the more you will spread brand awareness, the more audiences will be in your market and will help in the establishment.

  1. Show everything your company has to offer, products, services, and community support. These are the main things to be flaunted.
  2. Follow the comments and reviews or direct messages of your customers. Then communicate with them directly with the help of the customer base.

5. never stop the analysis of the data, because social media helps businesses to get data on what is on roll. In addition, what can be done to keep on climbing the stairs without falling?

  1. Boost up your SEO. SEO can be advanced by having your social pages rank higher and bring traffic to your site.
  2. Don’t waste money on your business unnecessarily by paying for putting ads. Simply use social media as it is free.

Social Media Platforms For Business

Every social media platform is of use, you can’t really say that one platform is less effective than the other. Sure each one of them has a rank but all of them are useful and necessary. 

Take all the advantages of social media that are laid in front of you.


Facebook is not new to us, it has aged out but it still holds the number one place when it comes to rank the best social media.

There are 79 million users all around the world.

The largest group to use social media is between 25 to 34 of age.

73% of the population daily logs in.


Instagram is full of younger audiences. They have chosen Instagram over Facebook. Now it’s a stereotype, that only younger people are expected to use this particular platform.

There are 1 billion users around the world.

The group that uses Instagram the most is 8% of the population between the ages of 18 to 24.

This platform has some creative styles that are used to promote products and services.


This platform is a bit different from others, it has its own niche. Which are just professional networking and career development.

There are 66.8 million users all around the world, monthly.

Ages between 18-24 are the ones who use it more frequently.

It helps establish leads for sales and always fresh employees. 


This social media site, helps you in organizing stuff, like images, videos. People who are well organized are very much in love with this platform.

There are 459 million users all around the world.

Among 10 men, 7 females, use Pinterest.

50% of millennials use this app every month.


This platform is pretty simple to use and understand. It is a video-sharing platform that can literally affect the outcome.

2.2 billion users monthly all around the world.

90% of consumers have stated that new products they have come across are because of youtube.

60% of consumers streamed youtube to make a purchase decision.


Twitter as well deals with business and personal content. Celebrities’ first option was Twitter till Instagram was introduced. 

3 million users all over the world.

The age between 25 to 49 years is seen to be using Twitter.


The Snapchat platform is almost like Instagram, it is video and picture-based.

It is very popular among teens.

Ages between 15 to 25 years have been spotted using Snapchat more frequently.


It gained a lot of popularity within two years of entering the industry. 

The world considers this social app to be the fastest growing platform of the decade.

There are 9 million users in the U.S.

52 minutes every day is used for this app by users. 

What Should Be Posted To Boost The Online business?

No article can tell you what you should post, because it is absolutely up to you what you feel about the content. If You think it is worth sharing then go ahead, caption it!

Some suggestions for those who are looking for it.

  1. Details about products and the services you offer.
  2. Updates and news related to your business.
  3. Let people know the ambiance of your workplace
  4. Showcase the positive reviews from customers.
  5. Highlight your employees.
  6. Show the local ciommunity who are being supported by your business.


In simple words let’s conclude this article by pointing out the topics that have been discussed above. This article mostly talks about social media which helps in boosting business, as you can guess from the heading.

Social media is the only place where you can promote your business idea, strategy, or products for free!. People have earned a lot of audience through social platforms. 

Now, it’s your turn.

Leave a comment below.


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    I have explored the potential of Linked In for business leads. I run a financial planning website on facebook and post the same content on Linked In. While Facebook generates impressions and subscription, it hasn’t converted to any sales. On the other hand, Linked In has generated a few solid sales. I guess since there are professionals on Linked In, it adds credibility and active engagement. This is just my observation and two cents’ worth.