Elon Musk confirms the Deletion of the context for links in X Posts

Elon Musk confirms the Deletion of the context for links in X Posts

What impact will X’s proposal to do away with headlines from shared links in posts have on content creators and marketers? Examine the effects in this article. Elon Musk confirmed information published by Fortune that X intends to get rid of the headlines and descriptions created when you share a link in a post. Future X posts with links are rumored to show an image alone, with a URL overlay, and no more content.

Twitter Cards In The Future

When tweets were restricted to 140 characters, the context-adding Twitter Cards format, which consists of a picture, headline, and a brief article description, was used to post links on the network. The information that appears on social media when users share an article link can be customized by content creators. Using tools like third-party WordPress plugins.

Anyone who publishes an external link in an X post must add additional content. To have a similarly engaging format as Twitter Cards feature has been changed to an image URL overlay. Alternatively, publishers will need to change how featured photos are formatted so that there is sufficient text to encourage X viewers to click through.

Content Creators And X

Following Musk’s advice to journalists and writers to post content directly on X. There will soon be a change in how connections to other websites are presented on X. He has previously remarked that he prefers the opinions of one person over those that are published.

Along with restoring banned individuals, X also has plans to update the mute and block system. Which many users use to filter out what they deem to be harmful content. X also disclosed additional brand safety measures and advertising collaborations during the same month. Additionally, it paid individual influencers who had a Twitter Blue subscription in its second wave of ad revenue payouts.


Elon Musk’s X restricts access to articles on Reuters, the New York Times.

Twitter Rebranding to X.

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