Google Maps Update Brings Speedometer and Speed Limits to iOS and CarPlay

Google Maps Update Brings Speedometer and Speed Limits to iOS and CarPlay

Google Maps update has introduced the Speedometer and Speed Limits on iOS and CaPlay. The new features were released in India a week before the global release. 

The Speedometer shows the speed at which a person is driving. Google notes that the speedometer available on Google Maps is simply informational and could contain inaccuracies. So people must check in with their car’s speedometer to verify the vehicle’s speed.

Furthermore, the Speed Limits is a feature alerting drivers if they are driving too fast. If the driver drives beyond the speed limit then the speed indicator changes colours. 

Google Maps Update and how to access the features

These speed features can be accessed by going to the Settings option on Google Maps and then selecting Navigation and finally Driving options. Users can then enable the speedometer and speed limit feature by turning it on.

Google released Speedometer and Speed Limits way back in 2019 on Android. So the speedometer and speed limit feature was released on iOS and Carplay came 5 years after the Android release. However, there has been no reason for the huge delay in its release on CarPlay and iOS. 


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