iPhone Flashlight Gets a New Update in iOS 18 Beta 3

iPhone Flashlight Gets a New Update in iOS 18 Beta 3

iPhone Flashlight gets a new user interface (UI) makeover in the latest beta version of iOS 18. The new update to the flashlight has made the app much more user-friendly and intuitive than the other betas that were released. 

Before this new update, the iPhone flashlight had basic and limited features. It had the normal flashlight and the usual on-and-off switch on the Lock Screen. Users could also choose the level of brightness through the Control Centre. 

However, with this new flashlight update, comes an overall upgrade in the flashlight’s UI and functionality. 

iPhone Flashlight New features

Once users have turned on the flashlight, the newly added UI will come into view in the Dynamic Island. To adjust the beam width, users can simply swipe right or left. Adjusting the flashlight’s beam allows users to adapt to various lighting environments. Users can also adjust the brightness through the same method of swiping right or left. 

Another update in the flashlight can be seen in its UI. There is a slight tweak in the design as users will notice the curved line represents the brightness and the beam width. In addition, the UI even displays a curved line with dots to signify the maximum level of intensity. 

Other new updates in iOS 18 beta 3 include the change in shade of third-party icons which was only available for Apple’s apps.


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