Google Shopping Portal – A New Search Feature

Google has introduced a new search feature for shopping deals powered by Google’s Shopping Graph named “Google Shopping Portal”. This graph contains...

Google has introduced a new search feature for shopping deals powered by Google’s Shopping Graph named “Google Shopping Portal”. This graph contains a vast amount of shopping information from around the world. Alongside this, Google has made several updates to Chrome to enhance its shopping capabilities.

In the late 1990s, web portals like AOL were quite popular, but they fell out of favor shortly after Google introduced its simple search box. Google’s clean and clutter-free approach to searching the web changed the game.

All about the Google Shopping Portal

Google may not label it a “shopping portal,” but its new search feature functions like one. It gathers shopping information from the internet and presents it in an easy-to-browse way.

Furthermore, Google is making changes to Chrome to make it more shopping-oriented.

Some key additions to Google Shopping Portal include a feature for users to save products in a shopping list folder and the ability to monitor prices with “price insights” on the desktop Chrome.

Google mentions that eight of ten shoppers are keen on finding the best holiday gift deals. These new features aim to offer users twice as many deals on the products they’re searching for.

Google Shopping Portal

Google is rolling out some new features, including:

  • Improvements in search using the Google Shopping Graph.
  • A new deals page accessible through Google Search.
  • Added features in Chrome to find discounts online.
  • A Price Insights tab on the desktop version of Chrome.
  • More ways to monitor prices from various sellers for the same products.

Shop Deals – New Search Destination

Google has introduced a new shopping feature called “Shop Deals.” You can access it by searching for “Shop Deals.”

This feature takes you to a shopping destination where you can find great product discounts in ten categories. These deals include markdowns, sales, and promotions.

As per Google:

You can browse through deal carousels organized by category. These carousels consider your preferences when you’re signed into Google. You’ll also discover popular stores offering deals on your desired items. If you spot a product you like, click on it to get more details or visit the merchant’s website.


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