Google Takes a Stand Against Microtargeting in Consumer Finance Ads

Google is shaking up its ad rules, putting the brakes on personalized ads for consumer finance. Now, there are more restrictions in the mix. No more targeting users based on sensitive stuff like race or religion, Google’s playing it cool.

They’ve been fine-tuning these rules for a while, and this time, it’s all about reining in those consumer finance ads. Google says, “Let’s keep things sharp and on-point with our ad game.”

What will change for your Finance Ads?

In February 2024, Google will give its personalized ads policy a makeover. No more targeting credit and banking ads based on personal stuff like gender, age, or ZIP code. It’s a revamp.

They’re flipping the script on their policy name from “Credit in personalized ads” to the snazzier “Consumer finance in personalized ads.” In the U.S. and Canada, it’s a no-go to target specific interest categories based on personal deets like gender, age, and where you live.

What’s on the blacklist? Anything related to credit, credit cards, loans (yes, even home and car loans), and those short-term loans. Plus, banking and checking accounts are in the mix, along with debt management products. Google’s making the rules crystal clear.

Finance Ads

When Will the New Finance Ad Policy Kick In?

Mark your calendars! The revamped rules for personalized ads kick in on February 28, 2024. Brace yourself because full-on enforcement is rolling out within six weeks.

Google’s got a fair play policy if advertisers are bending the rules, they’ll get a heads-up at least seven days before the account takes a timeout.

Why the change? Google is on a mission to up the privacy game and put the brakes on any discrimination in financial ads. Don’t worry, though you can still run ads for credit and banking, keep it chill, and skip the sensitive personal details for targeting. Google’s keeping it fair and square.

What will change for Advertisers?

Get ready for the rulebook rollout! Google’s playing enforcer come late February 2024, but here’s the scoop: advertisers, it’s time to do a pre-check on your campaigns for any compliance hiccups.

Take a magnifying glass to your ad targeting settings, kick out any sketchy personalization based on touchy categories, and stick to the new policy vibes.

Google’s giving a heads-up, but if you play fast and loose with the rules, expect a yellow card account suspension. Don’t sweat it too much, though; Google’s got your back. They’ll tag along and help you navigate the changes during the chill six-month transition. Easy does it!


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