Google Topic Authority: A New Ranking System

Google shares new information about the new “Topic Authority” ranking system, which gives users relevant information. 

The motive of Google with this new ranking system is to deliver users expert, knowledgeable and relevant information. It implies on both Google News and Search, mainly on specialized topics.

What is Topic Authority, and why is it important?

Google noticed users face a common challenge while looking for authoritative content on special topics. For example, if users are looking for special commentary about world economics, they often end up with general information. Originally they should get high-level information from publications or authors who are experts in this area.

Google can leverage this feature to give users more relevant and local results. It helps the local news to get priority and ensure that readers get the right information with complete coverage.

Google Topic Authority

For Instance, if elections are conducted in a user’s area, and they want to know about the campaigns, parties, leaders, etc., then Google will prioritize the local news of the particular region.

Moreover, the importance of “Topic Authority” means the news must be original, relevant to the location, and content from the surface of the situation.

Google cleared in their statement that local publishers will get priority for news events in the regional areas. However, publishers having special expertise will also get the same advantages. 

How Google Topic Authority Works?

It utilizes various paraments to identify the level of the publisher’s expertise in a particular area. Here are the primary parameters:

  1. Notability for a location or topic: Google can recognize whether the publication is related to a particular area or topic.
  2. Original Reporting: New ranking system analyses how the publisher uses cites for the original reporting.
  3. Source Authority: Google can understand the reputation of the sources, recommendations, and reporting.

If you are a publisher and have your thoughts on “Google Topic Authority,” share them with us in the comments section.


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