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How to Submit your site to Google News?

If you want to submit your site to Google News and already tried to submit your site to Google News and failed...

How to Submit your site to Google News?

If you want to submit your site to Google News and already tried to submit your site to Google News and failed due to their very tricky process and several guidelines and various restrictions, this article is for you. We will tell you the basics of listing your site on Google News.


In the world of SEO and content writing, Adding your site to Google news can rocket your website traffic, and it helps you reach a new audience and builds authority for your brand. If your site gives the best and most appropriate content, Your site should be in Google news results! It takes articles from over 40,000 news sites worldwide, but it can also increase your website traffic. According to a survey, about 4 billion people view Google news results every month, resulting in 1 million clicks.

If anyone has tried to get their site into Google news before, they know it is tricky due to many guidelines.

What is Google News?

Google News is introduced in the year 2002 as a news aggregator that shows the latest news and stories from the past 30 days. The target of Google news is to provide the latest news updates and headlines of the world to the people quickly and in one place.

Submit your site to Google News

Google News has various sources to provide content and headlines and is available in multiple languages. Google also has a dedicated news tab in Google search. And Google news also shows at the top of the search Under top stories like the featured snippets.

Why do you want to list your site to Google News?

Google News is one of the most popular and trusted platforms to view the latest stories and headlines worldwide. Listing your site to Google news can instantly Boost Your organic traffic, and it also helps you reach a new audience. It also creates trust and authority among the audience for your brand because your site will show next to the big news sites like the Wall Street Journal And The New York Times. This also gives the people an idea that your site is generally trustworthy and provides quality information.

Are you Already on Google News?

Before doing the steps for submission to Google news, make sure that your site is listed in Google News or not. To prevent this, click on the news tab in Google and search your site, as seen below. You will see how many results appear in the news. If your site appears in the news tab, then your work is done, And your site is already listed on Google News.

Requirements to Submit your site to Google News.

Now, if your side is not included in the Google news tab, you will apply for submission to Google news. However, before submitting your site, make sure that you submit your site according to their rules and regulations.

If you follow the rules and submit your site according to their directions, They will list your site on Google News, And everyone gets to join as long as you follow the rules and guidelines. Google News works as the best football team that only selects the best players to be the best player. You have to follow all the rules and guidelines and see your website meets the criteria or not to list your website to google news.

Before submitting your site, you should also read Google’s general technical guidelines and ensure that your site meets the requirements. If you want to skip this step and submit your site for submission, then the chances are your site will still be denied. Make sure that you read the Google guidelines before submitting the site because it is worth it and it takes patience.

How to apply?

Now check whether you are in the Google news search results and your site meets all requirements and guidelines. And your site is ready to apply for submission to Google news.

Without checking your site, you decided to submit your site for submission before making sure your site meets all requirements and guidelines or not. Then the chances are your site will be denied. And you are not able to reapply to Google News for another 60 days. This is why it is most important to check your site is ready for submission or not.

To apply for Google News, you have to fill out the form that asks for you some basic information like the site URL location of the news articles, the contact information of the author, and so on.

Once you have submitted the information, you should monitor your site in the search result. If you get rejected by Google News, you may not know why you were denied. This is why you have to go through your site repeatedly and check that your site meets the criteria and follows all guidelines and rules. Then you can reapply to submit your site to Google news after 60 days. 

Creating a New Google News Sitemap.

When submitting your site, make sure you have created a sitemap for your website. If you have not completed it, the first and most important thing to do is create a Google news sitemap for your website. After making a new site map for your site, your site is ready for submission to Google News.

A sitemap is a file that shows all your website articles and content. And helps Google to find the latest article and display these articles in the Google News search results. It also allows the search engine to view your website faster improves your site interface and indexing of your articles and website. 

It is essential to know that a Google new site map is different from a regular sitemap Google’s new site map only includes recent articles and allows the search engine to quickly view the latest reports that need to appear in the search results. 

If you want to create a sitemap for your site, we recommend using it (all in one SEO) plugin. It is the best and most popular WordPress plugin and helps you optimize your site for search engines, and it is very easy to use without hiring a person or an expert requiring technical knowledge.

You can also use an (all-in-one SEO) pro version because it gives a sitemap and other main features like the manager and the markup. Still, there is also a free version of the (all-in-one SEO) plugin, you can use this free version also to list your site to Google News, but the free version doesn’t have the feature of a site map.

How to use AIO SEO on your website?

Suppose you want to operate and apply the All-in-one SEO plugin to your site. Then install the (all-in-one SEO) plugin. On the activation page, the plugin will launch a popup. And then, click on the start button below to apply the (all-in-one SEO) plugin on your website. 

After clicking on the start button, you have to go to the site maps options from your WordPress dashboard and click on the sitemap tab. And click on the button below to activate the sitemap for your website.

Once you activate the new site map, ensure that the toggle for enable sitemap is on. You can also preview your new site map. After that, you can scroll down and change other settings related to the new site map. For example, you can also the publication name in the publisher center. (all in one SEO) will automatically take your site title as a name if you don’t enter a manual. 

You can also select the content in the news site map under the post section. You can also include a pages events box for all post types. The Google News sitemap consists of content that has been published in the past 48 hours. You can also change the advanced settings to exclude and include any page or post that you don’t want to show in your news sitemap. Once you have done all locations, click on the save changes button.

Submitting website to Google news

When you successfully created a sitemap for your website, Now you can submit your website to Google news.

You will need to open the Google publisher center and login with your Google account to submit your site. Once you have entered your account details, you will see a welcome message and click on the got it button to continue.

Then click on the add Publication button from the options in the home menu. Next, a popup will appear on your screen in which you have to enter the website’s name, your website URL, or link and select a location.

After entering all details successfully, click on the box to verify that your Publication is permanently located in the country you have selected and click on the add Publication button. Your new Publication will be added, and then click on the publication settings button. 

Then add your Publication name. And select a language from the menu under the primary tab. You can also change and edit your location and your direct website URL by scrolling down.

Verifying Your Website

If you are not verified your website, click on the confirm button, and a popup will appear asking you to open the Google search console from which you can verify your site ownership. After verifying your site, you can go back to the publication setting and scroll down to the page to change the mode settings.

For instance, you can add your website URLs and links. Google News will use these URLs and links as the main source, and you can also add or change your email address for your Publication. Once you have added all the details successfully, click on the Next button. 

After uploading all details successfully, select a logo for your Publication. Google news offers you various logo options for adding a logo to your website. There are multiple options like you can add a square logo rectangular logo, or you can also upload your custom logos. After uploading the logo for your website, click on the Save button and return to the homepage.

Now click on the edit button to design your site for Google News and enter some basic information like a Publication description called the meta description. People to find your Publication then select a category for your location from the menu. By scrolling down the page, you will see a distribution setting, which is saved to the default option. And your content and articles are available in all countries. Still, you can change the settings and where your content appears to block specific countries And then click on the Next button.

Editing Website for Google News

After doing the above settings, add sections to your Google news that will show as a tab section and organize your content in Google News. For example, you can add a videos web or feed section to your website to add a new section, click on the news action button and select an option.

After selecting the category for your website, a popup window will appear. Now add a title and link that Google news will use as a source and make the selected settings to view this section. After adding all details click on the add button. You can add unlimited sections to organize your site in Google News.

You can restrict some sections of your site in the app for some people under the age group setting and click on the Next button.

After that, you can review any missing items in Google News and attach your application click on the preview button and see what information is missing and what requirements are not fulfilled before submitting your site for submission you can scroll down the page and test your Publication also and then click on the follow Publication button this button make sure that your site will show in the favorites section in the Google news app.

Now click on the publish button under the Google News page and sign off on the terms of service agreement you have successfully submitted your website for review. This process usually takes two weeks or more to review your site. 

How can you improve your site visibility?

Once Google News accepts your article, it can be seen as a gray area. There are no exact criteria for ranking your site visibility, But we are giving you some suggestions that can help you improve your site visibility.

Timing: Google news is full of new information, but sites constantly updating their websites have a high advantage of displaying their articles. The article should be updated regularly to show it in Google news results.

Titles: Make sure that your title is full of your say what people are searching for and do not write catchy titles that do not inform the readers which type of article is this.

Angle: Not every article is breaking news. That’s why it is essential to take a different approach. The article should be from an original angle to make it attractive to readers and Google.


I hope that after reading these guidelines and rules and how you have a better grasp on what you need to do for your website to rank in Google News if you want to get more information go and read the Google news support section you have also learned how to submit your site to Google news. 


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