iOS 17 Might Convert Your Locked iPhone into a Smart Display

Apple has line-up lots of gifts this year and will soon launch its flagship series of iPhone 15. However, there’s also exciting news for iPhone users about the upcoming software update iOS 17 smart display that you must pay attention to.

Apple plans to convert your simple locked display into a smart multi-functional display with its upcoming operating system, iOS 17.

iOS 17 smart display

Apple Smart Home-Style Screen

According to Bloomberg Report, the iPhone lock screen will turn into a smart home where users can see the weather, calendar, appointments, and other notifications. So the iPhone will be more useful on a desk or a nightstand without unlocking the screen.

When the iPhone is locked, the feature will auto-enable.

The smart home-style feature makes the display more attractive and useful for users to keep getting updates without opening the screen frequently.

Expansion to iPads and Watches

As it’s the most useful feature, that’s why Apple will soon add this feature to their iPads and Watches.

The report says this new smart lock uses a mixture of black background and bright text to be easily visible to users from a long distance.

Additionally, the iPhone Wallet app comes with new changes in its upcoming launch of iOS 17 with improved location services.

What will Apple announce at WWDC 2023?

Apple’s all-new changes and features in iOS 17 will be revealed in their upcoming Apple WWDC 2023 event that will be held from June 5 to June 9. Also, there are rumors that Apple will release a mixed-reality headset at the event.

Along with iOS 17, a new health feature will roll out for iPad users that can track your mood and cope with weak vision. 

Enhancements to AirPlay and SharePlay

Apple is working on making significant changes in AirPlay and SharePlay; now, users can easily stream TV shows, movies, and music with friends while on FaceTime calls together.

On the other hand, AirPlay lets users share content from one Apple device to TV and other devices.


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