Snowflake Acquired the Neeva AI Search Engine

Snowflake, a Data cloud platform company, has acquired the former search engine Neeva. They are looking forward to its integration with Neeva AI Search Engine into their product lineup.

What is Neeva?

Neeva is, founded by former Google executives, an ad-free search engine. The vision of these two executives was clear to take the user’s search experience to the next level.

Their idea to earn money was through subscriptions. They believed that the users who value their privacy would subscribe to their search engine and get a better user experience.

When they decided to create a consumer search engine, they recognized the fierce competition in the market, with even Microsoft struggling to sway users from the habit of turning to Google for answers. Yet, despite this challenging landscape, they ventured forward with their vision.

Neeva AI Search Engine

Moreover, Neeva got investments from renowned Silicon Valley companies like Snowflake, Apple, and Google. As a result, the search engine team created its enhanced AI version and launched it in 2023. But, it didn’t get the limelight because of the AI integration of Microsoft.

After several months, it became apparent that relying solely on AI was insufficient to attract a more extensive user base and establish a path to monetization. Therefore, in May 2023, the company decided to stop search engine operations and leverage the AI version of Neeva for enterprises.

Neeva AI Search Engine Acquired by Snowflake

Shortly after, within just four days, on May 24, 2023, Neeva found a new direction when Snowflake, an enterprise data cloud company, announced its acquisition of Neeva. Snowflake recognized the value of Neeva’s search and conversational AI technology and planned to integrate it into its product offerings.

While Snowflake did not provide specific details about their upcoming services, the combination of AI, LLM (Language Model) capabilities, and data is a natural match with promising potential. This integration can empower companies to discover innovative ways to utilize their data and unlock new possibilities.


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