iOS 18 Beta 2 to be Released with Two New Features

iOS 18 Beta 2 to be Released with Two New Features

iOS 18 beta 2 will be available on Monday, two weeks after iOS 18 was announced at WWDC 2024. Apple has confirmed two new features on iOS 18 beta 2:

  1. iPhone Mirroring
  2. SharePlay

iPhone Mirroring will allow Mac users to mirror their iPhone’s display to their Mac. Other functions in the new feature allow users to interact with their iPhones and receive iPhone notifications on their Macs. Users can also drag and drop between their Mac and iPhone devices seamlessly. 

The other iOS 18 feature is the SharePlay screen sharing which will offer enhanced screen sharing capabilities. Apple also states,” You can draw on someone’s screen so they can see what they can do on theirs, or control their screen and take actions yourself.”

iOS 18 beta will also fix bugs and make a few tweaks to the other new features. Some of the new Siri capabilities will also be released later this year. 

iOS 18 beta 2 will be released for developers alongside the second betas for iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia, tvOS 18, visionOS 2, and watchOS 11. Meanwhile, a public beta will be available later in July.

iOS 18 Beta 2 and the reason for its unavailability in the EU 

Apple has previously announced that three major features for iOS 18 will not be available in the European Union. Bloomberg reports that features such as iPhone Mirroring to macOS Sequoia, SharePlay Sharing and Apple Intelligence will not be available will not be available in the European Union.

Apple is facing problems over violations against the Digital Markets Act, which has consequently affected the release of some of the new iOS 18 features in the EU. 

Apple has stated, “We are concerned that the interoperability requirements of the DMA could force us to compromise the integrity of our products in ways that risk user privacy and data security.”

It has even been speculated that Apple and Meta could soon face charges over DMA violations.


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